Google pulls plug on two sites

Updated: 2010-07-21 11:25
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Google Inc said on Tuesday it will shut down two unpopular Chinese online services and end technical support for a Chinese-language forum website.

The online giant made the announcement in a posting on its Chinese-language site on Tuesday.

The reshuffle at the US search engine comes just 10 days after it won government approval to continue running its Chinese website.

The Google plan encompasses closure of a self-developed website ranking page and a lifestyle site in China. The decision was made because of "lower-than-expected demand", according to the posting.

Google will also discontinue technical support for two services for local partner Tianya.cn this week, the firm said. Tianya.cn utilizes Google's technologies to power some of its website functions.

According to the statement, Tuesday's changes were spurred on by consumer demand. "We have always been trying to develop new products and services for our users. Some enjoyed great success while others failed," the posting said.

"In China, the website ranking page and lifestyle site were not welcomed by our users, that's why we decided to shut them down."

(中国日报网英语点津 Helen 编辑)

Google pulls plug on two sites

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Google pulls plug on two sites

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