Chinese govt units test-drive green autos


2012-09-27 09:11

BEIJING -- Eleven Chinese central government departments have started using domestic, new energy automobiles as their official business vehicles, according to the Government Offices Administration of the State Council.

The 23 electric vehicles, provided by Shenzhen-based BYD and Hefei-based JAC Motors, will undergo a one-year trial in 11 government departments, including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Culture and the National Development and Reform Commission, according to a statement released Wednesday by the administration.

China Potevio Co Ltd will be responsible for providing battery charge and repair services for these vehicles, said the statement, adding that all 11 departments have been equipped with charging facilities.

Shang Xiaoting, deputy head of the administration, described the move as a significant measure for central government departments to follow the emissions-reduction strategy and promote green energy. The move also offers an opportunity to showcase the latest progress in China-made new energy automobiles.

Shang revealed that favorable policies for the use of new energy vehicles are currently in the making, and more government units will join the trial run.

The move came after the central government plan released in July urged boosting the country's underdeveloped electric vehicle industry, with a goal of producing 500,000 electric and hybrid cars by 2015.

With the implementation of the plan, average fuel consumption per passenger vehicle is expected to drop to 6.9 liters of gasoline per 100 km by 2015, and the fuel usage per energy-saving passenger vehicle will fall below 5.9 liters for every 100 km.

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