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World's eight 'green' stadiums

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Brazil's 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to kick-off in less than 80 days. Apart from the action expected on the field, stadiums that are using new technologies, such as solar panels, rainwater collection and wind turbines, are also drawing people's attention.

With the awareness about environmental protection and the development of photovoltaic industry increasing in recent years, many stadiums around the world are being built and operated as "green stadiums".

Here are eight stadiums that have been called environment-friendly by online media.

No 1 World Games Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

World Games Stadium, or Kaohsiung National Stadium, has been designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito. The stadium's roof is covered by 8,844 solar panels.

The venue, which is shaped like a dragon, is the first stadium in the world to provide power using solar energy technology. The solar panels covering the vast external face of the stadium are able to generate most of the power required for its own operation, as well as additional power that can be saved.

World's eight 'green' stadiums
Kaohsiung National Stadium [Photo /]

World's eight 'green' stadiums

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World's eight 'green' stadiums

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World's eight 'green' stadiums

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