Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Updated: 2006-11-21 10:12

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC) is a leading financial player in
China with an outstanding customer base and multi-dimension business structure. It boasts core competence in innovation, market competitiveness and premier brand value.

ICBC runs the largest corporate banking business in China and supports many infrastructural construction, primary industries, pilot projects, key enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprise development.

ICBC's personal banking business ranks No. 1 in the domestic market. It has put in place a personal intermediary business system focusing on personal settlement, bank card services and personal finance products. ICBC has the largest customer base in personal finance and bank card services. In 2005, ICBC continued to dominate the market in various retail banking service areas including resident savings, personal loan, personal intermediary services and bank card.

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