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Russian sovereign wealth fund launches Chinese webpages

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-07-17 10:58

BEIJING - The Russian Direct Investment Fund, a sovereign wealth fund, launched a Chinese version of its "Invest in Russia" information portal Wednesday.

The portal is tailored for Chinese users and contains specific data on Sino-Russian economic, trade and investment cooperation.

In a statement emailed to Xinhua, the fund said the portal provides statistical and analytical data from various industries and regions, as well as a database of potential development sites where production assets could be located. It also includes data on investment opportunities in different regions.

"China is already Russia's largest trading partner, and investment cooperation is growing rapidly as well; China is likely to increase its investment in Russia fourfold by 2020," said Kirill Dmitriev, the fund's CEO.

He expected the 'Invest in Russia" portal would become an invaluable tool in economic cooperation between China and Russia, and serve as a link between Chinese investors and Russian regions or companies seeking foreign investment.

Dmitriev is also Co-CEO of the $2billion Russia China Investment Fund, set up by the RDIF and China Investment Corporation, a Chinese sovereign wealth fund,in June 2012.

"We see significant opportunities on both sides to strengthen economic relations. This is due to the cooperation between the RDIF and Chinese institutions. The RDIF and CIC are at the forefront of this support, helping companies from each country access the other's markets, in both a financial and advisory sense. We already have a strong pipeline of attractive investment opportunities which we expect to significantly expand in the coming months," said Dmitriev in an earlier written interview with Xinhua.

Russian sovereign wealth fund launches Chinese webpages

Russian sovereign wealth fund launches Chinese webpages

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