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China-Russia ports deal helps speed commerce

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-08-09 07:40

Fifteen trucks loaded with goods crossed the China-Russia border at Suifenhe-Pogranichnyy Port on Friday without having to undergo a second customs inspection after an agreement on customs procedures was officially launched between the two countries.

"Under the agreement, specific goods, including fruit and vegetables shipped from China to Russia, and processed timber from Russia to China can pass through the two designated ports directly," said Wang Fukuan, director of Harbin Customs.

The ports are Suifenhe-Pogranichnyy and Dongning-Burtaphca, which are both near Suifenhe, a county-level city in Heilongjiang province.

Last year, 9.61 million metric tons of goods passed through Suifenhe's ports, accounting for 80 percent of the province's total trade volume.

Timber, fruit and vegetable were chosen as the initial goods for the agreement, said Wang.

During the 18th regular meeting between the Chinese and Russian prime ministers last October, the customs directors of both countries established mutual recognition for inspections between China and Russia customs.

The purpose is to speed up the customs process, so that specified goods only need to be inspected once, when exiting the country of origin.

Oleg, 46, a truck driver for a Russian shipping company, said: "In the past, the goods had to be checked in both China and Russia. Every time it would take at least an hour.

"Today, it is my first time to clear the port after one exam. My colleagues and I are expecting the new policy can help us save time."

After six months of preparations, the trial operation started May 6. Since then, 976 tons of processed timber and 526 tons of fruit and vegetable cleared the ports.

China-Russia ports deal helps speed commerce

China-Russia ports deal helps speed commerce

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