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Germany welcomes Chinese investments in high-tech industry

By Cai Muyuan ( Updated: 2014-10-31 16:13

Germany welcomes Chinese investments in its real economy, especially in the field of advanced technology, German Ambassador to China Michael Clauss said at a forum on Monday.

Clauss said China-Germany relations are enjoying a good momentum, with high-level visits and positive results in economy and trade.

Deals worth more than $18 billion were signed when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month in the third round of top-level talks this year between the Asian and European export powerhouses. Both sides stressed that they want to boost their multi-billion-dollar trade and investment ties and deepen a new innovation partnership.

"Chinese and German governments discussed the details of new partnership and we will emphasize high technology field…," he said. "China and Germany will together conduct research involving not only private sector but also the governments," added Clauss.

As Chinese companies eye the global market, many countries have implemented favorable policies to attract investment from the second-largest economy in the world. The advantage of Germany as an investment destination, according to Michael Clauss, is that as China's largest trade, investment and technological cooperation partner in Europe, Germany can provide the advanced technology to Chinese enterprises.

"Since both countries are cooperating on several projects, China has become one of three top sources of foreign capital and has increased employment opportunities in Germany," he said.

Germany treats local business and foreign enterprises equally and encourages good competition in an open and fair business environment, said Clauss.

As more Chinese enterprises, such as Huawei and ZTE, tap into the German market and ease into local business environment, Clauss said that Chinese companies have won praise and acknowledgement in Germany for taking a prudent approach by maintaining the old working mechanism and not laying off huge staff when partnering with local firms.

Although more Chinese companies are eyeing the German market, they face some challenges too. Clauss said the European powerhouse is strict when it comes to pollution emission management and energy-saving.

Germany welcomes Chinese investments in high-tech industry
Germany welcomes Chinese investments in high-tech industry
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