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A post-90s girl's basketball dream

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-08-24 13:31 Comments

A post-90s girl's basketball dream

Ma at the sports zone a day before a news conference in Tianjin, Aug 5, 2016. [Asianewsphoto by Hu Lingyun]

"I want more people to play basketball," said Ma Lin, a post-90's girl, who has created a sports zone in Tianjin.

Ma got hooked to the game after she met her physical education teacher who is also a skilled basketball player, at her elementary school. She then began working hard to hone her basketball skills, and finally obtained China's level-1 athlete certificate.

In 2011, Ma was admitted to Tianjin University of Sport. During her in-school period, she found a job as a basketball coach to teach children and also met her current business partner Dou Cheng, a overseas student from Canada.

Because Ma and Dou shared the same dream to build a zone to attract more people to play basketball and skateboard, they decided to make their dream come true.

Now, their dream has taken shape. Ma hopes it will not only be a place to play basketball, but also a platform for young people to learn and promote basketball culture.

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