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CCTV advert auction nets $2.55b

[2012-11-19 23:30]

Record spending at the annual advertising auction of China Central Television highlights Chinese businesses' confidence in the consumer market next year.

Record bids for CCTV airtime

[2012-11-19 11:28]

The annual advertising auction of China Central Television, a barometer of the country's economy, drew record bids on Sunday despite slowing economic growth, highlighting the strong business confidence in the consumer market next year.

Sina eyes new ad system on Weibo

[2012-11-17 00:35]

Sina Corp plans to further generate revenue from its microblogging service by launching a new advertising system this quarter.

Web-video advertising revenues up 77.9% in Q3

[2012-11-02 09:21]

Third-quarter revenues of China's online video advertising reached 2.64 billion yuan ($423.19 million), a 77.9 percent year-on-year increase.

Google pushes way into mobile advertising

[2012-10-22 09:32]

Google Inc has been trying to push its way into mobile advertising in China as the country expects to be the world's biggest smartphone market.

TV stations' ad revenue might stop rising: analysts

[2012-10-12 20:59]

Advertising revenue for China's leading satellite TV stations might stop increasing, amid the economic slowdown and growing competition among stations, analysts said, according to

International advertising companies would do well to learn from their Chinese counterparts

[2012-09-25 11:23]

Publicis, the second-largest advertising firm in the world, recently completed the purchase of its fourth Chinese advertising firm this year.

Advertisers facing creative challenge

[2012-09-08 09:28]

As Chinese are set to make up the largest population of consumers, foreign advertising firms are acquiring local firms to help cross the cultural divide.

Changing landscape of advertising

[2012-09-07 10:23]

When we break down the components of great advertising, we have two key factors. A message that engages and motivates the consumer combined with a medium that is selected to effectively target the desired consumer, with as little wastage as possible.

Mixed message of global advertising

[2012-09-07 08:43]

Tens of millions of Chinese and tens of millions of Americans descend into the bowels of the earth each day to ride subway trains. On their journey to and from work they will stream like massive schools of fish past large, glowing postings of advertisements attached to the walls of stairways and connecting corridors, and across the tracks from the platforms.

A future that's spammed by ads wherever we go

[2012-08-28 09:35]

Though rarely appreciated, if it wasn't for advertising, the Web would likely resemble what it was originally meant to be: A tool for academics and militaries.

NetEase's profit up on online games, ads

[2012-08-16 17:57]

NetEase Inc on Aug 16 said it generated 1.3 billion yuan ($200 million) in gross profit in the second quarter.

Ad campaigns are competing hard in London

[2012-07-31 11:53]

While Chinese athletes are grabbing medals at the Olympic Games, another image of China is floating through the streets of London.

Firms eye Hollywood for image building

[2012-07-10 10:19]

Entertainment marketing has now become a key tool for domestic brands to raise their awareness and influence around the world.

Soros-backed MediaV expects 80 percent sales

[2012-07-06 14:13]

MediaV Holding Co, a Chinese online advertising company backed by billionaire George Soros, expects sales to jump as much as 80 percent this year as a slowing economy prompts more customers to use its services to cut costs.

Publicis concerned about advertising slowdown

[2012-06-26 14:00]

Publicis Groupe SA, the French multinational advertising and communications company, said strong business in China is making up for slower growth in Europe.

Baidu, Apple to share ad sales

[2012-06-15 15:47]

Baidu Inc said on Thursday that Apple Inc will be entitled to a share of its advertising sales because it added the Chinese company's search service to its newest operating system.

Online advertising spending to surge

[2012-06-13 13:40]

Investment in China's Internet advertising is predicted to grow by 32.1 percent annually over the next five years, according to a report by PwC.

China online advertising spending to surge

[2012-06-13 13:40]

Investment in China's Internet advertising is predicted to grow by 32.1 percent annually over the next five years, according to a report by PwC.

The next mobile goldmine?

[2012-06-04 10:34]

China's mobile advertising market could become another goldmine for advertising agencies despite the fact it is young.

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