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More easing likely amid subdued inflation

[2015-06-10 10:37]

China's May consumer inflation slipped to four-month low and producer prices dropped for a 39th straight month.

Experts decipher latest growth numbers

[2014-07-17 11:25]

Leading economists share their views on China's economic performance in the first half of this year based on data released by National Bureau of Statistics.

New generation of migrants prefers the assembly line

[2014-05-14 07:28]

About 39 percent of the younger workers are employed in the manufacturing sector, while only 26.5 percent of older workers work in this industry.

Guizhou emerges as China's big data center

[2014-04-24 18:52]

Guizhou province has emerged at the center of China's big data ambitions, with Alibaba Group and other tech leaders moving to cash in on the big data boom.

Big-data reveals online interest in 2 sessions

[2014-03-05 11:54]

Many may suspect that people living in the Chinese capital are more interested in the ongoing political sessions than those in Guangdong, but are unable to prove it.

Computer love

[2014-02-20 07:38]

Unlucky in love? Never fear, big data is breaking down the mysteries of romance to help singles find their perfect, mathematical, match.

Threats to Chinese manufacturing exaggerated

[2014-02-07 17:27]

Chinese manufacturing is faced with threats from emerging rivals such as Vietnam and Bangladesh, but such threats are exaggerated.

Service sector growth slowed

[2014-02-04 04:20]

Service sector growth fell to a five-year low in January, the second indicator in as many days that China's economy is facing headwinds.

Lawmaking role now shared by all city delegates

[2014-01-20 07:22]

Beijing's legislature plans to exercise its lawmaking role more through plenary session congresses of deputies rather than solely relying on its standing committee.

Shrinking of wetlands spurs concerns

[2014-01-14 07:26]

Nearly 9 percent of China's wetlands have vanished over the past decade as urban development has increased.

Fewer candidates take graduate entrance test

[2014-01-06 00:54]

The 2014 national graduate school entrance examination, which took place over the weekend, saw a drop in the number of candidates this year.

Two-child study quells fears of a baby boom

[2013-12-26 00:51]

Many residents in pilot area opted against adding to family, often due to finances.

World to see boom in big firms

[2013-11-07 00:34]

An additional 7,000 companies globally are expected to become large enterprises with revenues of more than $1 billion by 2025.

China's vegetable prices to rise

[2013-11-02 16:40]

Vegetable prices in China are expected to rise in the coming months, putting pressure on the country's consumer inflation.

Despite R&D spending, China lags in innovation

[2013-10-29 10:03]

China has seen the world's biggest growth in terms of yearly R&D spending. But it still has a long way to go before its companies lead the world in innovation.

Sept CPI rise hits 7-month high

[2013-10-15 08:43]

Although Sept inflation rose to a seven-month high, it was within the comfort zone for China's economy and will not lead the govt to revise its reform policies.
Rising food prices led to 7-month high CPI
China's farm produce prices continue to rise

Smartphone Shipments to pass 450m in 2014

[2013-09-25 14:31]

China's total mobile phone shipments have reached 110 million in Q2 2013. Smartphone shipments, a subset of mobile phone shipments, reached 86 million, growing by 10% on a quarterly basis.

Big data and how it will drive growth

[2013-09-18 07:49]

Companies need to make better use of databases to sharpen their edge in innovation, experts said at the Patent Information Annual Conference of China in Beijing last week.

August's data signal stronger growth: Analysts

[2013-09-10 23:50]

Stronger industrial output, fixed-asset investment and domestic consumption in August all point to a solid pickup in China's economic growth.

August economic data suggest recovery

[2013-09-10 14:18]

China's August economic data indicated the world's second-largest economy has been stabilizing and that the government still has room for bolstering growth.
China's August retail sales up 13.4%
Aug industrial output gains momentum
Fixed-asset investment up 20.3%
Inflation slows to 2.6% in August

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