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Improved environment for talks?

[2012-11-29 13:13]

China Daily asks four experts to give their expectations for the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Doha.

NGOs urged to promote more climate negotiations

[2012-11-29 07:56]

NGOs should fully play their roles in promoting climate negotiations in Doha, China's chief climate change negotiator said.

Emissions cap shows China's 'sincerity'

[2012-11-29 07:27]

Some cities in East China have started planning how to cap their greenhouse gas emissions, and their experiences will act as an example for other cities.

UN conference highlights women's role in tacking climate change

[2012-11-28 21:19]

The important role women can play in tackling climate change has been highlighted at the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in the Qatari capital, Doha.

High stakes at talks

[2012-11-28 08:00]

Hopes are not high for the two-decade-old United Nations talks on climate change that resumed Monday in Doha. However, the stakes for mankind certainly are.

Call for action at climate talks in Doha

[2012-11-27 03:06]

Urgent action is needed at crucial UN climate change talks in Doha, delegates were told on Monday.

China calls for climate agreement to be implemented

[2012-11-26 17:37]

The main job for the Doha Climate Change Conference is to begin implementing what nations have already agreed on, China's chief climate change negotiator said on Sunday.

Doha 2012 UN Climate Change Conference

[2012-11-26 16:43]

The 18th session of the COP to the UNFCCC and the 8th session of the CMP to the Kyoto Protocol will be held from Nov 26 to Dec 7 in Doha, Qatar.

BASIC countries call for commitment on climate change

[2012-11-26 13:28]

Climate change ministers from Brazil, South Africa, India and China, also known as the BASIC countries, have called on the developed economies to "scale up ambitions" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the 2-degree target.

UN climate talks seen falling short despite fears

[2012-11-26 10:48]

Despite mounting alarm about climate change, almost 200 nations meeting in Doha from Monday are likely to pay little more than lip service to the need to rein in rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Doha heats up for climate change conference

[2012-11-26 10:15]

A woman installs a UN flag in the assembly room of the climate change conference at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha on Nov 25, 2012

Divisions to hamper Doha talks

[2012-11-26 08:33]

The new round of UN climate talks will not go smoothly unless the developed and developing countries bridge their gap on the upcoming second commitment period.

China urges turning climate talks into action

[2012-11-25 21:55]

The main job for the Doha Climate Change Conference is to start implementing what we've already agreed on in the past, China's chief climate change negotiator said on Sunday.

Climate change documentary airs

[2012-11-25 09:30]

CCTV unveiled the documentary series Warm or Cold, We Share the Earth to deliver the latest climate change news and raise environmental awareness.

Mutual respect needed on climate issue

[2012-11-23 07:36]

The next round of United Nations climate talks is scheduled to begin next week in Doha, Qatar, and broadening consensus on the thorny issue is shaping up to be an arduous task for nations and parties involved.

China curbs CO2 emissions through industrial restructuring

[2012-11-22 15:15]

China has been working to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), through industrial restructuring.

Leading role pledged to fight climate change

[2012-11-22 00:34]

China's top climate-change official expressed the nation's readiness on Wednesday to play an active and constructive role to combat global warming.
China opposes EU carbon emissions tax

China issues report addressing climate change

[2012-11-21 16:28]

China published a report detailing policies and efforts that have been made over the past year in facing up to the challenges of global climate change.

China assures support to tackle climate change

[2012-11-20 17:20]

China assured its support to tackle the growing problem of climate change in the Maldives, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Storm revives issue of climate change

[2012-11-08 03:04]

The strength of Obama's handling of Sandy and the devastation it caused to the East Coast last week raised a topic that was conspicuous by its absence during the campaign — climate change.

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