Business / CSRC to bolster up stock market

China mulls over expanding RQFII quotas

[2013-01-15 10:04]

China is thinking of expanding RMB qualified foreign institutional investment (RQFII) and QFII quotas in the future.

Chinese investors hope for better in 2013

[2013-01-01 09:26]

Chinese investors agonized over underperforming stock markets this year but are hoping for better rewards in 2013.

Foreign interest should help boost flagging bourses

[2012-12-27 09:20]

Global institutional investors are waiting for the perfect time to pitch themselves into the Chinese mainland stock market next year.

Stock tax reform 'may buoy market'

[2012-11-17 00:35]

Chinese stock investors and analysts are pinning their hopes on the further reform of the securities sector to end a long-running bear market.

CSRC to open up custody market

[2012-11-01 13:22]

China plans to open the fund custody business to overseas banks, in a bid to improve market-oriented competition and promote investment supervision.

China ups foreign stakes limit in securities firms

[2012-10-17 10:20]

China's securities watchdog allowed overseas investors to hold higher stakes in the country's securities firms to relax controls on foreign investment.

CSRC cancels 32 administrative approval items

[2012-10-15 20:47]

China Securities Regulatory Commission has canceled 32 of its administrative procedures, subject to central government approval, and delegated some to lower levels, according to information made public on Sunday by the State Council, China's cabinet.

CSRC to strengthen oversight, regulation

[2012-10-12 10:14]

Supervision of listed companies in the growth enterprise market will be strengthened and special regulations are ready for unlisted small-scale businesses.

Regulators urged to loosen grips on stock market

[2012-09-26 09:34]

China's stock watchdogs need to cut approval procedures and let market rules play a leading role amid the current stock market downturn.

New OTC market for unlisted firms

[2012-09-07 09:59]

The expanded pilot share-transfer market for unlisted companies will start to trade on Friday, and eight companies will be part of the experimental new board,.

China to regulate brokerage execs' salaries

[2012-09-01 13:56]

China's top securities watchdog said Friday that it is considering a regulation on the salary of brokerage executives.

Securities JVs get nod to expand business

[2012-08-25 09:48]

China's top securities regulator has enlarged the shareholding ratio for foreign capital in joint venture securities companies.

Employee stock ownership to be released at 'proper time'

[2012-08-20 10:22]

China's securities regulator said on Sunday that it will launch the employee stock ownership plan for listed companies at a "proper time".

CSRC approved 41 QFII this year

[2012-08-14 22:00]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved 41 new qualified foreign institutional investors so far this year, accounting for 23 percent of the total QFII for the last 10 years.

CSRC prioritizes IPOs of west China firms

[2012-08-13 14:59]

China's securities regulator has given priority to enterprises from the country's western regions that are seeking approval for IPO.

Employee stock ownership plan raises concerns

[2012-08-07 09:14]

A new regulation aimed at facilitating the formation of employee stock ownership plans has received mixed reviews from experts.

Employees to benefit from stock ownership

[2012-08-06 10:02]

Securities regulator issued a draft regulation for listed companies that offer shares to employees, to make more staff benefit from stock ownership.

More trial trading zones to boost equity market

[2012-08-04 09:38]

The State Council has approved the expansion of a pilot share-trading platform into three more development zones.

CSRC confirms efforts to reduce stamp duty

[2012-08-03 21:07]

The China Securities Regulatory Commission has confirmed its coordinating efforts with relevant departments to reduce the stamp duty, but the move is far from being a bailout.

China further cuts stocks trading costs

[2012-08-03 09:30]

China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced Thursday that it will further cut stock market transaction fees in a bid to ease burdens on investors amid sluggish market sentiment.

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