Business / Green vehicles

More subsidies for electric vehicles in Shanghai

[2012-11-05 16:36]

Shanghai has submitted a proposal for incentive policies for green cars to the National Development and Reform Commission.

Sales of subsidized energy-saving autos hit a wall

[2012-10-20 10:19]

Energy-saving vehicles are getting the cold shoulder from Chinese consumers due to the indifference of car dealers and the mentality of buyers.

Chinese govt units test-drive green autos

[2012-09-27 09:11]

Eleven Chinese central government departments have started using domestic, new energy automobiles as their official business vehicles.

Free license plates considered for green vehicles

[2012-08-25 09:13]

Shanghai authorities are considering giving free license plates to owners of energy-saving vehicles, in an effort to encourage the use of electric models.

Limits revised to promote green autos

[2012-08-07 14:27]

Last week, the Guangzhou city government added new measures encouraging eco-friendly vehicles to regulations released a month ago that limit the number of auto license plates granted each year.

Chinese tax cuts for more new-energy cars

[2012-06-06 16:09]

China has announced a second wave of tax cuts for clean-energy cars, specifying 64 new energy-saving vehicles covered by the scheme.

Govt capital fuels green auto sector

[2012-06-05 11:03]

The Chinese government will allocate 1 to 2 billion yuan annually to support the development and production of green vehicles, said a deputy minister of finance.

China to beef up 'green' efforts

[2012-05-25 10:15]

Central government-funded expenditures on energy savings and emission reductions, and renewable energies development will total 97.9b yuan this year.

China seeks to expand green energy ties

[2012-05-04 09:57]

China and EU will expand collaboration in alternative energy sector to achieve shared objectives in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Beijing subsidizing scrapping older, less-green vehicles

[2012-04-25 10:54]

Beijing will continue to subsidize the scrappage of aging and heavy-diesel vehicles in response to concerns over the city's air pollution.

More green cars needed

[2012-04-24 11:02]

With a record 1,125 vehicles being showcased at the biannual Beijing Auto Show, carmakers have shifted to top gear in their bid to woo Chinese consumers.

China 'can still lead' in green cars

[2012-04-21 09:54]

China may still become a global leader in the electric vehicle industry if policymakers and manufacturers shift their focus on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Nation sets focus on electric, hybrid cars

[2012-04-19 09:30]

China is making the industrialization of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid automobiles, aiming in part at upgrading the auto industry.