Business / Bumper harvest expected

China's autumn grain output to hit record high

[2012-10-20 11:07]

China's grain output this autumn is likely to hit a record high and bring a ninth year of consecutive growth in the annual output.

Harvest season begins for city of jujubes

[2012-10-11 17:33]

A bumper harvest of over 13, 330 hectares of jujubes from Zaozhuang city, Shandong province, will begin in the coming autumn.

Harvests allay food inflation concern

[2012-10-11 09:25]

Spikes in food prices could be devastating as it may force policy makers to reverse actions being used to stimulate China's weakest growth in three years.

A season for corn harvest

[2012-10-10 16:29]

Farmers in Yuncheng city, Shanxi province harvested more than 4 million mu of corn this year.

China to see another bumper harvest this year

[2012-09-21 12:11]

China is likely to see growth in grain output for the ninth consecutive year in 2012 with a bumper harvest expected for autumn grain crops.

Farmers join hands to reap cotton harvest

[2012-09-20 13:24]

With the onset of the cotton harvesting season, farmers from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have joined their counterparts from Henan, Sichuan and Gansu provinces to pick cotton.

Sugar production may climb 19%

[2012-09-20 11:17]

China, the world's biggest sugar importer, may harvest its second-largest sugar crop after favorable weather spurred farmers to increase planting. Prices fell.

China's grain market remains stable

[2012-08-23 14:07]

China's domestic grain market has remained robust despite a drop in global yields due to lingering drought in some major grain exporters.