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How dealer of dodgy motorcycle spare parts started own brand

[2015-12-08 14:26]

Many people have realized that counterfeiting is just an expedient. They have to work on their own brands in order to survive in the longer run.

China's IP protection lights up lighting industry

[2015-11-13 10:15]

There has been an exponential growth in the lighting industry in recent years as improvements in the country's intellectual property environment give a boost to domestic innovations and entrepreneurship.

Guangdong rolls out new smart technology to catch fake goods

[2015-11-11 10:33]

As the rampant counterfeit industry continues to sour China's trade prospect, a smart inspection system that's based on modern information technology may make fake goods and low-quality products a thing of the past.

China to stop counterfeits from being exported

[2015-11-10 07:50]

China will take decisive measures to stop counterfeits and poor-quality products from being exported to Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and countries.

CEO Roundtable

[2015-11-06 17:51]

Alibaba's Tmall introduces insurance to guarantee real goods

[2015-11-06 07:25]

Tmall, the tech giant’s international retail platform, introduces insurance to guarantee the authenticity and quality of its products.

Counterfeits hurt Alibaba, China economy: Jack Ma

[2015-10-13 08:54]

Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said counterfeit products hurt Alibaba as well as China's economy.

Engineers in smaller cities top innovation drive

[2015-09-30 08:03]

Chinese engineers, especially those in second-tier cities, are increasingly taking to innovation, with creativity peaking among those aged 50 and above.

IP protection will remain a priority for China

[2015-09-11 10:41]

The authorities are stepping up efforts at protecting the country's intellectual property overseas as more companies expand globally.

'New normal' and challenges

[2015-06-29 09:58]

French authorities help root out fake online goods

[2015-06-10 10:27]

Counterfeit products continue to be sold online despite repeated crackdowns, which is a challenge for countries worldwide.

'Tough path' lay ahead for China's IP sector

[2015-06-10 10:08]

The State Intellectual Property Office released a comprehensive report in Beijing on Thursday on the latest development trends in China's intellectual property sector.

Police raid makers of fake mattresses

[2015-06-03 09:50]

Police in Huizhou, Guangdong province, seized more than 1,000 counterfeit mattresses and semi-finished products, valued at about 10 million yuan, from an illegal workshop.

Sports shoe maker's agent fined $15.8m for trademark breach

[2015-04-29 17:03]

When selling New Balance footwear, the sales agent used the brand's Chinese translation "Xin Bai Lun", a trademark registered in 1996.

China IPR management improving

[2015-04-17 10:06]

China has improved its intellectual property rights management and received the most patent applications in the world in 2014 for the fourth year running.

One Belt, One Road

[2015-03-24 16:37]

'New normal' and Strategies

[2015-03-20 10:45]

Regulator urges to 'name and shame' e-commerce fraudsters

[2015-03-10 08:05]

The key to tackling fake goods sold online is to establish a system that will record those who break the rules, said Zhang Mao, head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

China's IPR policy to create balanced system

[2015-03-05 07:46]

The nation's intellectual property policy is intended to ensure market fairness, and it is not biased against foreign companies, a senior IP official said.

Alibaba shares close at new low on fake orders

[2015-03-04 12:59]

Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba saw its shares fall nearly 3 percent on Tuesday, hitting a new low since its listing, as concerns over fake transactions on its site spilled over.

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