Business / Medical equipment industry

Devising ways to sell medical devices abroad

[2012-11-27 07:49]

David Yin, managing director of Europe at the Shenzhen-based Mindray Medical International Ltd, recalled that his team's first order from overseas was the result of "an accident".

Medtronic finishes acquiring China Kanghui

[2012-11-19 16:16]

Medical equipment company Medtronic Inc has completed its $755 million acquisition of Jiangsu-based provider of orthopedic devices, China Kanghui.

Medical equipment market's vital signs strong

[2012-10-17 13:16]

China's medical equipment industry appears to be developing in a way that is similar to what information technology went through 20 years ago, said a managing director of a leading Chinese equity investment firm.

China becoming healthcare R&D hub

[2012-10-09 09:50]

GE Healthcare has sold 100 of its new optical magnetic resonance machines in China over the past nine months.

Private providers encouraged in medical sector

[2012-09-04 09:44]

Private medical companies are being encouraged to take a more active role in the growing treatment of chronic disease in China.

Qinghai medical care caters for local demand

[2012-08-15 10:54]

Qinghai province will continue to carry out the central government's medical reform policies, while taking more steps to meet local people's specific demands.

Medical device producer announces M&A strategy

[2012-08-11 07:48]

Medtronic Inc plans to bolster its presence in China via mergers and acquisitions of local companies, becoming the first multinational medical equipment provider to announce such a strategy in the world's fastest-growing medical device market.

Medical firms focus on grassroots market

[2012-07-26 11:00]

When showing the device he is selling, Liu Simin usually has to explain that it is not a smartphone but medical equipment.

Self-diagnosing devices increase in popularity

[2012-04-16 10:54]

Zheng Xinyi remembers the day in 1991 when her father brought home a bracelet-like device that could take a person's pulse and blood pressure.

High-tech devices improve healthcare

[2012-04-16 09:21]

In recent years, GE Healthcare has introduced a series of small, portable, and relatively inexpensive devices to China.

Pingnan destroys fake medical equipment

[2012-04-10 10:09]

The Food and Drug Administration of Pingnan County recently held an event at Jiexin Square to destroy more than 3,900 medical instruments that were fake or inferior; expired or cease-to-be-effective.

Olympus unveils new medical devices to rebuild firm's damaged reputation

[2012-03-22 07:54]

Japan's scandal-hit Olympus Corp on Wednesday unveiled three new medical products that it hopes will help it out of the crisis left by a huge accounting fraud uncovered last year, threatening to destroy the 92-year-old company.

PE industry eyes medical investment

[2012-02-29 10:19]

Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund Partners, a private equity firm managing $4.5 billion yuan ($714 million) in funds, is set to beef up its presence in China's medical care industry.

Medtronic finds its own niche in China

[2011-12-09 08:09]

When Medtronic Inc, the world's largest independent medical device company by sales, entered China in the 1990s, there were just a couple of foreign medical device companies here. But since then the relatively young medical devices industry has developed rapidly in China, with more foreign medical equipment companies getting market access and domestic companies flourishing, said Simon Li, president of Medtronic China.

Medtronic opens orthopedic R&D center with Weigao

[2011-09-15 10:57]

The international medical equipment company Medtronic Inc is speeding up its business localization in China with the opening of a research and development (R&D) center in partnership with Shandong Weigao Group Co Ltd, the two announced in Beijing on Wednesday.

Medtronic eyeing M&A possibilities with local firms

[2011-08-05 16:55]

Medtronic Inc, the world's largest independent medical device company by sales, will maintain fast and stable growth in China through mergers and acquisitions.

China offers Cameroon loans, medical equipment

[2011-07-21 08:33]

China will offer more interest-free loans and non-reimbursable assistance to Cameroon, as well as batches of medical equipment and supplies, according to agreements signed on Wednesday in Beijing.

BMS ups investment in China

[2011-07-15 10:48]

China is expected to become the second- or third-largest market for international drugmaker Bristol-Myers Squibb's (BMS) within a decade.

Composites, the shape of things to come for medical equipment

[2010-10-29 16:16]

The development of polymer matrix composites has achieved remarkable progress over the past 30 years.