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10 best cars from Car And Driver

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BMW M235i 

10 best cars from Car And Driver

The M235i takes everything BMW has traditionally done well and concentrates it into a compact, livable package. The 320-hp 3.0-liter turbo six doles out sweet, smooth power. The chassis isn't punishing the way the M235i's larger M-badged siblings can be. [Photo / bmw.com]

Car and Driver's 10 Best Cars involves more than drawing up lists of our sub-$80,000 favorites. Every year the editors enter weeklong evalu­ation looking for new and improved combinations of virtues: value and engagement, performance and poise, sights and sounds, soul and character.

The cars that earn Car and Driver's award do more than merely succeed on one or two criteria; they come to us fully formed, polished, complete.

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