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Top 10 Chinese car maker moves

[2014-03-31 07:52]

Chinese car makers and internationl brands' joint ventures are continuing to expand in the country and the world through increased investments.

Customized car financing plan free car owners from worries

[2014-03-29 11:20]

Volkswagen Finance China Co is set to launch its first customized loan plan in China this year, aiming to relieve owners from troubles.

Top 10 best-selling cars in Chinese mainland

[2014-03-26 07:45]

CAAM data shows that in 2013 the 10 best-selling cars accounting for 23.91 percent of all units sold.

China's Hangzhou city to restrict car ownership

[2014-03-25 21:50]

East China's Hangzhou City is now the sixth Chinese city to clamp down on car ownership in a bid to ease traffic congestion and combat air pollution.

Icebreaking year for new energy automobiles?

[2014-03-25 10:25]

Continuous haze in China has prompted more people to seek a healthy, eco-friendly mode of transport.

Lack of charging devices deter electric car buyers

[2014-03-21 11:13]

About 40 percent of potential customers who were planning to purchase electric cars in Beijing had to drop the plan last year.

Geneva Motor Show 2014

[2014-03-04 08:38]

Geneva International Motor Show will open its doors to the public from March 6-16.

Top 10 most valuable auto brands

[2014-02-26 14:34]

Dongfeng, which occupies 26 position on the auto list and 405 rank overall, has a brand value of $3.66 billion

Top 10 moves by carmakers in China

[2014-02-18 09:20]

Editor's note: Seizing the momentum built last year, major foreign automakers are continuing to expand in the country through increased investments in the development of independent brands and expanding capacity.

Car industry shifts gears

[2014-02-10 12:05]

Opportunities, hurdles to arise in changing market. Ending two years of stagnation, the Chinese auto industry achieved double-digit growth in 2013.

Major vehicle recalls across China

[2014-02-07 17:23]

A record 5.3 million vehicles were recalled across China in 2013, up 65.5% from 2012.

All's 'fare' in battle of taxi-booking apps

[2014-01-29 08:45]

China's booming taxi-booking app industry depends on capital injections with no profit-generating business model yet.

Dakar Rally 2014

[2014-01-18 07:23]

Spain's Marc Coma rides his KTM motorcycle during the 12th stage of the Dakar Rally 2014, from El Salvador to La Serena January 17, 2014.

BMW M at North American Auto Show

[2014-01-17 14:05]

BMW launched its M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, US, on Jan 13.

New Mercedes 2015 C-Class at North American Auto Show

[2014-01-17 10:16]

The new luxury model is displayed during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, US.

Infiniti looking to enhance fame

[2014-01-16 07:32]

More than 10,000 attended the 2014 Infiniti China Festival, the automaker's largest-ever brand show, at National Stadium in Beijing on Jan 11.

Stars spice up Taipei auto show

[2013-12-31 11:07]

Godfrey Gao I-Hsiang, Lin Yu-pin and other Taiwan celebrities were pictured while attending carmakers' events at the on-going 2014 Taipei International Auto Show.

Celebrities at Taipei auto show

[2013-12-28 11:31]

Taiwan celebrities were pictured while attending carmakers' events on Friday at the on-going 2014 Taipei International Auto Show.

Honda models at Guangzhou auto show

[2013-11-26 17:59]

Model are pictured at Honda pavilion at the 2013 Guangzhou auto show on Nov 21, 2013.

Models at Volvo pavilion at 2013 Guangzhou auto show

[2013-11-23 18:57]

Models are pictured at Volvo pavilion on the media day Nov 21 at the 2013 Guangzhou auto show.

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