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Electric car development roadmap to be unveiled

[2016-10-17 10:34]

In December, China will release the first new energy vehicle industry development roadmap.

EV sales growth, production slow down as subsidies subside

[2016-10-17 10:33]

Fraudulent use of government incentives knocks the wind out of new energy vehicle market's sails.

Seeking balance in sector capacity

[2016-10-17 10:34]

The central government has halted approval of fuel vehicle manufacturers, releasing an official statement ceasing the production expansion race in the world's largest automotive market.

Car import program will expand

[2016-10-15 06:50]

The government will expand a pilot program to diversify vehicle import channels to boost domestic consumption and will improve the service sector, the State Council decided on Friday at an executive meeting.

Credit system introduced in drive for better NEV

[2016-09-26 10:14]

China is considering introducing a dual-credit scheme for gasoline cars' fuel consumption and new energy vehicle production.

New energy subsidies to be cut

[2016-09-26 09:07]

Industry experts are calling for the authorities to cut subsidies for China's new energy vehicle industry following the discovery of five dishonest automakers swindling more than $149.9 million in government subsidies in 2015.

Favorable policy boosts passenger vehicle sales

[2016-09-12 07:33]

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will lobby the government to extend the favorable policy on cars with engines no larger than 1.6 liters.

NEV subsidies making a U-turn

[2016-09-12 07:07]

China is to start a new, intensified phase of developing the new energy vehicle sector after the government exposed and punished dishonest subsidized manufacturers in a bid to clean up the chaotic sector.

China punishes green car makers in subsidies scam

[2016-09-09 07:30]

China's Ministry of Finance on Thursday announced punishments for five new energy vehicle producers for illegally obtaining government subsidies, which involved a total of over $149.2 million.

Five NEV swindlers exposed, punished

[2016-09-08 17:40]

The Ministry of Finance exposed the names of five new-energy vehicle producers that swindled subsidies from the central government on Thursday.

Trade-in system seen as way to boost new energy vehicle sales

[2016-08-15 07:56]

Chinese electric carmakers are introducing trade-in plans for new energy vehicles, a move industry insiders believe will help stimulate the booming sector in the world's largest auto market.

Government set to roll out carbon credit scheme

[2016-08-15 07:56]

The Chinese government is considering introducing a carbon credit regulation scheme next year as part of a detailed and practical plan to assess the efforts made by automakers towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Second-hand sector stalls as cities delay policy stimulus

[2016-08-08 07:56]

Shen Rong has been riding a roller coaster over the past few months. Having experienced joy, hope and excitement, he is now filled with disappointment.

New rules clear way for ride-hailing services

[2016-07-29 08:17]

A long-awaited regulation giving legal status to online car-hailing services in China was released by the central government on Thursday.

Road-test ban may set back self-driving car

[2016-07-29 08:04]

Chongqing Changan Automobile Co, the Chinese automaker that completed a 1,931-kilometer trek with a self-driving car earlier this year, has postponed public road tests in response to a regulatory ban it said could impede efforts to develop autonomous vehicles.

Standards for smart driving on the way

[2016-07-25 09:03]

China is about to unfold its road map for intelligent connected vehicle development, in the expectation of regulating and standardizing the burgeoning sector, and helping local car makers and related companies head forward speedily.

Subsidies drive new energy car sales in China

[2016-07-19 14:31]

Favorable policies are driving new energy car sales in China.

China's auto industry moves to protect cyber security

[2016-07-16 17:29]

China has established an automotive cyber security committee to ensure the safe running of intelligent, connected and electric cars.

China and Germany expand NEV cooperation

[2016-06-20 09:37]

China and Germany are further expanding their cooperation in battery recycling technologies, to consolidate the new-energy vehicle industrial ecology in the world's largest market.

Beijing residents brace for fee on congestion

[2016-06-06 10:57]

Chinese reports said Beijing's policymakers will follow in the footsteps of London and Singapore in their efforts to ease traffic and cut down on air pollution, though details have not been announced.

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