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GAC Fiat Chrysler to recall 68,699 vehicles over gear box problems

[2016-10-22 10:43]

GAC Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Co will recall 68,699 Viaggio in China due to gear box problems.

Toyota to recall imported vehicles over defective airbags

[2016-09-26 10:15]

Toyota will recall 762 imported vehicles across China's mainland from Nov 1 due to defective airbags.

Toyota to recall 142,592 imported vehicles

[2016-09-20 13:59]

Toyota will recall 142,592 imported vehicles across China's mainland due to defective airbags, the country's quality watchdog said Tuesday.

Subaru to recall 13,336 vehicles in China

[2016-09-13 17:10]

Subaru will recall 13,336 imported vehicles in the Chinese mainland due to defective airbags, the country's quality watchdog said Tuesday.

Dealers recall nearly 7,000 Japanese autos in China

[2016-08-17 10:14]

Dealers will recall 6,961 imported Infiniti and Nissan Fuga automobiles from China, the country's quality watchdog said Tuesday.

Ferrari to recall 621 vehicles in China

[2016-08-11 10:28]

Ferrari will recall 621 imported vehicles in China due to defective airbags, the country's top quality watchdog said Wednesday.

1,236 Porsche vehicles recalled in China

[2016-08-12 09:42]

A car company started a recall of over 1,200 imported Porsche refitted vehicles on Thursday, due to defective brake pedals, the top quality watchdog said.

High recalls no cause for alarm

[2016-07-25 08:05]

Zhou Lei, an independent auto analyst in Beijing, said the rise in the number of cars recalled did not necessarily mean that more cars are shoddily made.

Dealers to recall 1,479 Porsche in China

[2016-07-15 10:20]

Dealers will recall 1,479 imported modified Porsche vehicles in the Chinese mainland over bracket flaws, said the country's quality watchdog.

Suzuki to recall 288 vehicles in China

[2016-06-15 14:02]

The Japanese automaker Suzuki will recall 288 imported Swift in China over defective brake calipers, according to China's quality watchdog.

Mercedes-Benz to recall 6,302 vehicles in China

[2016-06-14 17:01]

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz will recall 6,302 vehicles in Chinese mainland over defective hood locks, China's quality watchdog said Tuesday.

Volkswagen recalls 486 vehicles in China

[2016-05-20 17:06]

Volkswagen China started to recall 486 vehicles due to sunroof design defects on Friday, according to China's quality watchdog.

Shanghai GM hit with biggest recall in Chinese history

[2016-05-30 09:28]

A GM joint venture is recalling more than 2 million cars in China due to possible engine problems, the biggest recall by an automaker in the country, according to China's top quality watchdog.

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen recalls vehicles

[2016-05-17 14:05]

Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company Ltd will recall 336 vehicles from May 18.

Daimler recalling Actros trucks in China

[2016-05-12 16:28]

Daimler Trucks and Buses (China) Ltd will recall 15 Actros trucks in China from Friday due to flange problems that may affect their universal joints.

GAC Fiat Chrysler recalls 2,990 vehicles in China

[2016-04-26 09:17]

GAC Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Co will recall 2,990 defective vehicles in China starting on Monday.

Tianjin FAW Toyota to recall 127 vehicles

[2016-04-19 09:53]

Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co will recall 127 vehicles in China to replace defective parts in their stereo amplifiers that could cause fires in extreme conditions.

BMW to recall vehicles in China

[2016-04-11 10:59]

BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. is to recall some imported BMW 7 series models over flawed air bags from May 25.

Jaguar Land Rover to recall 36,000 vehicles in China

[2016-04-11 10:56]

The recall, filed by the Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Trading (Shanghai) Co, involves Jaguar XJ and XF models produced between March 29, 2012, and Oct 6, 2015.

Maserati recalls 20,842 defective vehicles in China

[2016-03-29 10:15]

Italian luxury car maker Maserati will recall 20,842 vehicles in China over a defect in design, China's top quality watchdog said on Monday.

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