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Liquor maker Moutai rebuts quality accusation

[2012-12-11 07:21]

Leading Chinese white-spirits maker Kweichow Moutai said its products did not contain excessive levels of plasticizer and conformed to national standards.

Liquor trusts hit by plasticizer scandal

[2012-12-03 15:31]

Chinese liquor trusts may die after being hit by a plasticizer scandal, the China Economic Net reported on Monday.

Scandal-hit liquor maker halts packaging lines

[2012-11-28 09:53]

Chinese liquor maker Jiugui Liquor Co suspended its packaging lines on Tuesday after being hit by a plasticizer scandal.

Scandal-hit liquor maker's shares tumble after trading suspension

[2012-11-23 14:00]

Shares in Chinese alcohol producer Jiugui Liquor Co ltd tumbled by the daily limit shortly after opening on Friday, as the company resumed trading after a four-day suspension due to an ingredients scandal.

Liquor scandal prompts food safety efforts

[2012-11-23 13:30]

China's national quality watchdog has urged a massive overhaul on producers of spirits nationwide after confirming that some liquor products contained excessive levels of a plasticizer.

Alcohol maker apologizes for contamination

[2012-11-23 09:20]

Jiugui Liquor Co apologized to consumers and investors after quality supervisor found excessive levels of a toxic chemical in a sample of its product.
Shares tumble by daily limit

China probes liquor for plasticizer

[2012-11-21 17:40]

An ongoing investigation has found no evidence that a domestic brand liquor has been intentionally using plasticizer in its products.

Declaration of Jiugui's liquor plasticiser

[2012-11-21 17:08]

A recent report that found liquor plasticiser levels to be more than 260% above the standard set by Jiugui Liquor Co Ltd has tarnished the company's image and sent waves through the industry.