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China market signals hope for New Zealand tourism

[2012-11-23 17:09]

China has buoyed up New Zealand's tourism industry over the last two years, compensating for declining visitor numbers from traditional markets.

Thailand seeks to lure more Chinese visitors

[2012-11-21 02:43]

Thailand is planning to set up more attractions to lure Chinese tourists, the country's ambassador to China says.

Senior tourists flock to Russia

[2012-11-17 02:34]

Gray power is on the rise in the tourism market as China's senior citizens are increasingly visiting Russia.

'Year of Russian Tourism' hailed as successful

[2012-11-16 23:44]

The "Year of Russian Tourism," which began on March 23, 2012, has been a good opportunity to increase mutual understanding between the two peoples, said Russian Ambassador to China Sergei Rasov.

China 3rd biggest int'l tourism spender

[2012-11-15 14:44]

The Chinese have emerged as the third-biggest spenders in outbound tourism worldwide, a senior official of China's National Tourism Administration said.

Chinese tourism overseas on the rise

[2012-10-31 15:14]

Residents from the Chinese mainland spend $874 on shopping overseas on each trip on average, the most among Asian countries and regions, according to a survey released by Travelzoo Inc, a global Internet media company for travel and entertainment based in the US.

Chinese outbound tourism quadrupled in past decade

[2012-10-29 15:31]

The number of Chinese tourists going overseas has quadrupled in the past decade. Outbound tourists rose from 16.6 million to 70.3 million, up 323 percent from 2002 to 2011.

China 'key' to promote Australian tourism

[2012-10-13 13:36]

The importance of Asia for Australian tourism is growing and key to the change is the focus on China in this Asian century.

China's 2012 tourism revenues to reach $413b

[2012-10-12 16:46]

China's tourism revenues are expected to reach 2.6 trillion yuan ($412.7 billion) in 2012, up 16.6 percent year on year, the nation's top tourism think tank said Friday.

UK targets China's big spenders

[2012-10-11 01:19]

Tourism chiefs in the United Kingdom are introducing new initiatives to attract high-spending Chinese tourists, including facilitating UK visas and organizing the largest-ever British tourism mission to China.

China becomes key tourism source market to S. Africa

[2012-09-24 21:12]

China has grown into one of the most important tourism source markets for South Africa, as Chinese tourists doubled in number over the past decade.

Peru to attract more Chinese tourists

[2012-09-22 13:38]

Peru is promoting to attract more tourists from China by introducing the country's best tourism sites, Peruvian Trade and Tourism Minister Jose Luis Silva said Friday.

Chinese visitors boost New Zealand tourism sector

[2012-09-21 14:51]

A 25-percent leap in the number of visitors from China helped push up the number of overseas travelers arriving in New Zealand by 1 percent last month to 178,300, the government statistics agency announced Friday.

China, US exchange tourism boom

[2012-09-19 00:04]

China and the US have become each other's fourth-largest tourist destinations, with nearly 3.5 million tourists traveling between the two countries last year.

Foreign cities seek visitors from China

[2012-09-14 16:05]

Beijing, one of the world's busiest tourism hubs, is about to get even busier in the next few days as representatives of cities from around the world converge on the capital for the inaugural session of the World Tourism Cities Federation.

Denmark to enhance tourism ties

[2012-08-29 16:36]

Ole Sohn, the Danish minister for business and growth, is leading a business delegation to China to seek further cooperation in tourism.

World cities bound for Beijing

[2012-08-28 15:12]

Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai and 20 other international tourism hubs will join their Chinese counterparts to showcase and discuss city tourism in Beijing between Sept 14 and 16.

UK's initiative targets tourists from China

[2012-08-16 02:57]

The British government has announced an 8-million-pound ($12.5 million) marketing campaign to attract more Chinese tourists.

Costa Rica wants closer ties with China

[2012-08-14 17:21]

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla Miranda has called for closer economic and trade ties between China and her country.

Chinese interested in Cyprus holiday houses

[2012-08-01 13:19]

Chinese investors are showing an increasing interest to acquire holiday houses in Cyprus, Cypriot Commerce and Tourism Minister said.

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