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More Chinese cities ready for property tax pilots

[2013-02-27 14:26]

Several Chinese cities are "technically ready" to join the property tax pilots currently in place in Shanghai and Chongqing.

China's property tax trial expansion in doubt

[2013-01-14 13:39]

China may not expand experimental property taxes to more cities in the near future because of inadequate planning and law making.

Chinese gov't studying property tax expansion

[2012-11-13 11:19]

The Chinese government is "actively studying" an expansion of the experimental property tax program in the country.

China to expand property tax trial regions

[2012-09-21 20:59]

China will expand its property tax trial to include more cities beyond Shanghai and Chongqing, and will gradually set up a nationwide property tax system, officials said.

Property tax TV show stirs online debate

[2012-09-08 10:39]

A debate between two Chinese public figures has sparked fresh online discussion on whether real estate tax can rein in the country's skyrocketing home prices.

Need to clarify property tax

[2012-09-08 08:23]

News of an extension of the property tax pilot scheme has spread across China through both government and non-government channels. Amid signs of rising housing prices in recent months and the warming of the real estate market, the news was not totally unexpected.

Property tax expands to Hubei

[2012-08-22 15:46]

Detailed rules for the upcoming property tax are in the making, a Hubei official said on Aug 21.

China to expand property tax policy

[2012-08-20 20:50]

China will expand its property tax policy to Central China's Hunan and Hubei provinces, the Land and Resources Daily said on Aug 20.

Adoption of national property tax possible

[2012-08-07 20:49]

The State Administration of Taxation is organizing training sessions to teach its staff about a local property tax system, a step many experts are saying is meant to further expand the collection of property taxes in the country.

Foreclosures, declining property taxes take economic toll

[2012-07-31 07:55]

World Report | Chen Weihua

China to expand property tax to more cities

[2012-05-10 16:08]

The State Council has decided to expand property tax to more pilot cities this year, Shanghai Securities News reported Thursday.

Official: Beijing researching property tax

[2012-03-28 09:37]

Authorities in Beijing are conducting "basic research" into a property tax for the city, a local housing official has said, as the market watches whether the Chinese capital will follow the steps of Shanghai and Chongqing to curb speculation.

Govt to pilot property tax in more cities

[2012-03-23 17:39]

China's State Council plas to include more cities to levy property tax in 2012 after Shanghai and Chongqing were chosen as the first pilot cities a year ago.

China mulls property tax reform

[2012-03-07 09:15]

China is mulling further reforms of property tax and expansion of property tax trials.

Property tax cannot be used as a blunt instrument in China

[2012-02-08 08:55]

In a recent article, the Economist called for a broadening of the property tax that was levied on some up-market homes in certain places in Chongqing and Shanghai last year.

China mulls more regulation of property market

[2012-01-31 16:50]

China is mulling a new round of efforts to regulate the sizzling property market after the moves it imposed about a year ago to limit purchases of residential apartments effectively brought down prices, analysts said Tuesday.

Property tax cools high-end housing market

[2012-01-30 10:01]

On 28 January last year, Chongqing launched a long-await trial property tax to cool the red-hot housing market and curb the skyrocketing housing prices. One year after the implementation of the trial tax, the effect is obvious.