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Speculative housing demand curbed

[2012-08-18 13:44]

China's property regulation measures have been "carried out well" by local authorities and speculative housing demand has been curbed.

Chinese interested in Cyprus holiday houses

[2012-08-01 13:19]

Chinese investors are showing an increasing interest to acquire holiday houses in Cyprus, Cypriot Commerce and Tourism Minister said.

Nanjing seeks to boost house demand

[2012-07-24 17:22]

The Nanjing government has joined various other local governments that are fine-tuning their strict property policies as they collect less and less revenue from land transfers.

House prices rebound in June

[2012-07-19 09:34]

Twenty-five major Chinese cities saw a rebound in the price of new real estate projects in June, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Warming housing market unnerves buyers

[2012-07-06 09:47]

Defying government ambitions to bring home prices down, China's gradually warming housing market once again put potential homebuyers in a panic.

Build affordable houses

[2012-06-28 13:32]

Henan's attempt to urge banks to offer steep mortgage discounts is a sign that local governments are looking for ways to rekindle the property market.

Henan seeks to boost housing demand

[2012-06-26 13:31]

Central China's Henan province has adjusted its certification method for first-time homebuyers to boost genuine demand.

Housing price decline slows down

[2012-06-19 08:51]

The latest figures from the National Bureau of Statistics show that residential house prices declined at a significantly slower rate in May, triggering concerns over a short-term rebound in prices.

Housing report notes rise in sales

[2012-06-06 08:57]

A sales report for May published by China's largest real estate website has sounded a optimistic note on the country's housing market.

Housing top priority: HK official

[2012-05-31 15:21]

An integrated approach to housing, planning and lands would send a clear message that the next government takes housing as its top priority.

Housing prices expected to drop in 2012

[2012-05-24 11:03]

Housing prices in 2012 are expected to drop slightly, said a real estate blue paper released by a government think tank on Thursday.

Shanghai: One house policy for singles

[2012-05-15 17:14]

For each single Shanghai householder whoa has an apartment already registered under the owner's name, they are unable to purchase another property.

Yangzhou to stick to housing policy

[2012-05-11 18:25]

The policy to encourage and reward individuals who purchase refined decoration houses will not be revoked, Sun Wei told Xinhua News Agency on May 9.

Housing prices continue to fall

[2012-04-18 15:12]

Housing prices fell in more than 60 percent of China's major cities in March, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported on Wednesday.

China's potential house-buyers hit record low

[2012-03-21 17:01]

Survey statistics show that only 14.1 percent of Chinese residents are planning to buy a house in the upcoming quarter, a record low since 1999, China News Service reported on Monday.

Major banks loosen first-house mortgage rates

[2012-03-20 18:52]

Major Chinese banks have started to tune down mortgage rates for first houses from the benchmark lending rate after a year of hovering above it, China Business Network reported Tuesday.

Housing policies should not be relaxed

[2012-03-03 11:03]

Property prices and development will be one of the core issues during the sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee.

Housing prices continue to decline

[2012-03-02 07:54]

Home prices in China fell for a sixth month in February.

China stresses quality of affordable housing

[2012-02-22 10:49]

China will strictly supervise the construction of affordable housing projects to ensure quality, a government official said Tuesday.

Housing policy hits furniture market

[2012-02-16 11:20]

The tightened residential property purchasing policy in China has had a negative effect on home products companies.

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