Business / Solar firms warned on delisting

Solar firms warned on delisting

[2012-11-21 10:04]

LDK Solar Co Ltd received a notification from the NYSE that it has to bring its share price above $1 within six months of Nov 5, or be delisted.

LDK Solar Power Group appoints new chief executive

[2012-11-06 20:54]

LDK Solar Power Group, the world’s largest producer of solar wafers, announced on Tuesday the appointment of a new chief executive officer in its latest effort to weather the crisis caused by worsening market conditions.

Ray of hope for China's troubled solar industry

[2012-10-29 14:14]

China's solar industry is feeling the chill. The possible establishment of new business partnerships amid supportive government initiatives, however, may raise the industry's chances for recovery.

Suntech brands new allegations by US energy rival "baseless"

[2012-10-23 08:04]

Solyndra's lawsuit against some Chinese solar panel makers over the firm's bankruptcy has raised some questions, with at least one industry analyst calling its intent "political".

Chinese solar panel makers condemn US ruling

[2012-10-12 14:46]

Chinese solar product manufacturers have complained over trade protectionism by the United States to impose heavy tariffs on China-made products.

Suntech gets $32m emergency loan

[2012-09-29 02:06]

China's Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd has been granted an emergency funding package worth 200 million yuan from the government of Wuxi city.

CDB to extend loans to 12 solar companies

[2012-09-25 17:17]

China Development Bank will prioritize loans to 12 leading solar companies, planning to boost its financial support to the struggling Chinese solar industry.

Suntech tries to boost ADS prices

[2012-09-25 17:04]

Debt-ridden Suntech Power Holdings Co, one of the world's largest solar panel makers, is seeking ways to boost its American depositary shares.

Suntech freezes assets of troubled partner

[2012-08-17 07:36]

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd, China's largest solar energy firm, has replaced its founding Chief Executive Shi Zhengrong, after winning a court order freezing the worldwide assets of its partner in a solar development fund.

Domestic solar sector in trouble: report

[2012-08-09 09:09]

China's solar industry is close to the edge of bankruptcy, investment bank Maxim Group said in a recent report.

Workers cancel protests on EU trade action

[2012-08-02 14:09]

A scheduled protest was called off, but their standing against the recent filing of a complaint of dumping of Chinese solar panels in Europe remains firm.

Govt bailout plan for LDK Solar sparks debate

[2012-07-21 16:25]

A bailout plan created by the government of the city of Xinyu for LDK Solar has sparked controversy in China.

JA Solar projects bright future

[2012-07-12 00:01]

How will JA Solar deal with pending US tariffs against Chinese solar-power companies?

LDK Solar wins three 200 mW contracts in China

[2012-06-05 13:55]

Solar products maker LDK Solar Co Ltd signed three multi-year contracts to develop solar projects totaling 600 megawatts in Northwest China's Gansu province.

Solar power faces eclipse from US tariffs

[2012-05-28 11:05]

Solar panel manufacturers are facing the possibility of stiff new tariffs from the US which, if approved, could come into force in October.

Solar industry may reshuffle upon US punitive duties

[2012-05-26 17:17]

An executive of LDK Solar said Friday that the antidumping ruling against Chinese PV makers, if upheld by the United States, would force the entire industry in China to reorganize.

JA Solar remains optimistic about US opportunities

[2012-03-23 11:06]

While the US Commerce Department's preliminary decision to impose duties on solar panels from China turns out to be less than anticipated, JA Solar, one of the leading manufacturers in China, sounds cautiously relieved.

JA Solar signs cooperation deal with German company

[2012-02-02 07:50]

The European Union has been the largest photovoltaic (PV) market in the world.

LDK Solar plans to buy Sunways

[2012-01-04 09:57]

LDK Solar Co's plan to buy Germany's Sunways AG provides China's second-largest solar-panel maker access to new technology and a distribution network in the world's biggest photovoltaics market. 

Suntech sees China gaining from falling solar prices

[2011-10-18 11:47]

Suntech Power Holdings, the world's largest solar cell maker by capacity, expects China to benefit from falling solar prices, forecasting that the country could become the largest solar market by 2015, overtaking Germany.

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