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WMC presents technologies designed to improve business efficiency

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-02-25 14:33

BARCELONA -- The World Mobile Congress being held in Barcelona is seeing many companies showcase technologies they believe will help improve business efficiency in many ways from increased security to inventions which will save time and money.

Brad Wu, from the company Article 12, which specializes in mobile hardware and software security, explained to Xinhua, that thanks to advances in communications technology business information will be better safeguarded.

"It can improve people's businesses in many ways," he said. "For example in a lot of countries, doctors and lawyers need to be very careful about data privacy. They have to keep it very safe otherwise they will lose money."

Derek G Roga, CEO of Article 12, said it was vital for business information to remain secret and that society demands increased privacy of information.

Time is all important in business where the saying "time is money" rings all too true and mobile solutions are working to ensure as little time, and money, is wasted as possible: for example, for an executive stuck in a traffic jam.

"Everyone gets caught in traffic jams these days and we waste a lot of time in slow moving traffic," Volvo's Anna Rynvall told Xinhua.

She said the Swedish car manufacturer believes it can help clients save the time they waste on their daily journeys to and from work by "offering a self-driving car."

"In that way the 'driver' doesn't have to concentrate on driving and can focus on other things," such as holding a video-conference and reading reports, just as they would do as if they were in their office, except instead they would be in their car -- which would also be a mobile hotspot to solve any coverage problems.

Volvo will start tests of 100 automatic cars in real conditions on Sweden's roads in 2017 after being given the green light to do so by the Swedish government.

And if time is of the essence, these days the company Oppo has used the MWC to present its latest invention: a charger to fully charge a 2500mAh battery in just 15 minutes, to ensure you are never without mobile coverage.

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