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JD Smart introduces further strategy to link US startups with Chinese early adopters

[2015-10-16 16:24]

With surging market potential and purchasing power, non-price-sensitive Chinese early adopters have attracted more attention from Silicon Valley.

Implementation of 'Internet Plus' sees surging e-commerce growth

[2015-10-13 07:07]

Implementation of the "Internet Plus" initiative in promoting the development of electronic commerce has become a trend and more innovative business models are seen in the area.

Yota joins hands with ZTE-associated company in next generation to make China debut

[2015-09-15 22:02]

Russian dual screen smartphone maker Yota Devices signed cooperation agreements with a domestic supply chain and original design manufacturer (ODM) to further compete in the Chinese market.

JD Smart bridges overseas tech start-ups with domestic buyers

[2015-08-21 11:01]

China's growing demand for smart hardware triggered the enthusiasm of foreign developers entering the competitive market here.

China to rank No 1 for LTE users by 2020

[2015-06-30 22:00]

"As of today, with a total 200 million subscribers, China has surpassed America to become the world's number one LTE market by user volume," Chang Gang, chief marketing officer of Ericsson North East Asia said on Tuesday during the launch of the Chinese-Language Ericsson Mobility Report in Beijing.

O2O Expo focuses on how such businesses benefit people's lives

[2015-06-18 17:28]

A new wave of Internet companies, working on an online-to-offline model, has been driving China's new e-commerce boom, and the government is eager to encourage them.

Electronic Entertainment Expo opens in LA

[2015-06-17 15:14]

Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, was held on June 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Highlights of 10 years at Apple's WWDC

[2015-06-04 06:40]

Apple Inc's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco.

Didi Kuadi taxi service violates regulations, Beijing authorities say

[2015-06-03 13:33]

Didi Kuaidi, China's largest taxi-hailing app provider by market share, crashed into regulatory barriers in Beijing.

Software fair in Dalian to focus on 'Smart Data, Smart Interconnection'

[2015-06-02 17:16]

The 13th China International Software and Information Service Fair will open on June 16 at the Dalian World Expo Center in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning province.

OnePlus pushes smartphone boundary ever further

[2015-05-30 22:07]

Chinese smartphone maker Shenzhen OnePlus Technology Co Ltd launched its first independently designed mobile operating system named Hydrogen OS, or H₂OS, based on Android's Lollipop platform, in Beijing.

Lenovo debuts inaugural tech carnival in Beijing

[2015-05-28 22:35]

Chinese tech giant Lenovo hosted a carnival-liked event on Thursday to launch new products and demonstrate its vision of emerging technologies at the China Nation Convention Center.

Rural e-commerce portal is first to target domestic farmers

[2015-05-21 22:16]

Compared with the rapidly spreading footprint of e-shopping in cities, China's rural areas remain e-commerce backwaters due to a lack of infrastructure, while market potential has stimulated new entrants.

Grants4Apps looks for startups in digital health

[2015-05-15 10:28]

The open innovation program named "Grants4Apps (G4A) Accelerator" is kicking off its second round: Startups from around the world whose software services, technologies, and apps have the potential of creating value for physicians and patients are invited to submit their project ideas until the end of this month.

ICT, telecom service market to reach $300b in five years: IDC

[2015-05-14 18:33]

IDC forecasts that China's ICT market will continue to grow steadily. The market and the telecommunications service market will both reach $300 billion in 2020.

Robot society draws near, researcher says at GMIC

[2015-04-29 16:18]

"A robot society will be established in the very near future," said Hiroshi Ishiguro, an international researcher on robotics at Japanese Osaka University on Tuesday during the 2015 GMIC in Beijing.

Chinese video streaming site launches smartphones

[2015-04-14 16:48]

Chinese video streaming site Letv debuts three devices powered by the companies'newly launched EUI system on Tuesday in Beijing.

Cloud computing firms team up for 'Internet Plus' initiative

[2015-04-03 16:05]

Domestic and international technology companies have joined forces to take advantage of favorable government policies in Cloud Computing.

Motorola says hello to China, again

[2015-01-26 14:26]

A launch event that marks Motorola's officially return to China market held on Monday at China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Jack Ma talks shop at Davos

[2015-01-23 20:04]

Jack Ma, founder of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, spoke candidly about his life experiences and his confidence in China despite the slowing economy on Friday at Davos.

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