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Nation's mobile gaming industry heading to top of league

[2014-05-09 11:29]

The mobile games industry in China is expected to be worth more than $3 billion this year, which could mean China will overtake the United States as the world's largest market in the sector.

Chinese TV maker to release 1st game console

[2014-01-28 07:54]

Increasing demand for video games from youngsters will drive the sales of TCL's new gadgets.

In the game

[2014-01-23 08:23]

A passion for classic video games brought two entrepreneurs together, and now a work of their own delivers both a look back and a taste of the future.

China's mobile gaming market surges to 11b yuan

[2014-01-09 09:31]

China's mobile gaming market in 2013 was worth more than 11.24 billion yuan, said government authorities at a gaming industry summit on Wednesday.

Nintendo shares surge as China eases gaming console ban

[2014-01-08 15:21]

Shares in Nintendo Co Ltd jumped 7.5 percent to a two and a half-year high on Wednesday after China temporarily lifted a ban on selling video game consoles.

TV maker to enter gaming market

[2014-01-27 17:42]

Chinese consumer electronics maker TCL Corp will release gaming terminals similar to Microsoft Corp's Xbox, said a company executive.

China suspends ban on foreign video game console sales

[2014-01-07 17:29]

China has temporarily lifted the 14-year-old ban to permit "foreign-invested enterprises" to make video games consoles within Shanghai's free trade zone.

World Cup mascot makes China debut

[2013-12-10 11:01]

World Cup mascot Fuleco strikes a pose on stage in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, Dec 9.

The predicted christmas best gifts for children

[2013-11-07 10:18]

The Toy Retailers Association's Dream Toys chart, is an independent list of the predicted Christmas best-selling gifts for children.

Momo unwrapped 1st online game 'ThePuzzle'

[2013-11-05 15:26]

Location-based Messaging App Momo Unwrapped First Online Game 'ThePuzzle' to Tap Mobile Gaming Sector.

Microsoft enters China's gaming market

[2013-09-25 09:07]

Microsoft Corp has formed a joint venture with BesTV New Media Co to officially extend its reach into China's gaming market.

Talkweb to operate Plant vs Zombie 2 on mainland

[2013-09-10 16:03]

Talkweb Information System Co Ltd signed an agreement with US-based game company Electronic Arts to operate Plant vs Zombie 2 on the Chinese mainland.

Angry Birds theme park opens in E China

[2013-09-09 17:58]

The Angry Birds theme park, the first of its kind in China, underwent a soft opening on Saturday and is expected to officially open to the public in October.

Should learn from free-to-play business model

[2013-08-27 21:07]

Should learn from free-to-play business model

Five iOS games that will freak you out

[2013-07-30 17:07]

While people play horror games, their heart rate increases by 15 beats per minute.

Mobile game firms looking abroad

[2013-08-21 08:04]

Chinese mobile game developers are tapping into overseas markets, said Google.

Happy Farm falls fallow

[2013-08-21 08:04], one of the leading social networking service providers in China, closed its game server for Happy Farm on Tuesday.

World of Warcraft loses as 600k players drop fight

[2013-07-30 12:59]

The latest data from Activision Blizzard indicates that players of World of Warcraft have decreased from 8.3 million to 7.7 million in the last quarter.

NBA courts Sina Corp

[2013-08-07 07:16]

Chinese basketball fans will have seamless access on multiple mobile terminals to watch NBA games.
Mobile Internet giants rival in e-commerce

Chinese developers bet on mobile games

[2013-08-08 19:20]

As the number of smart phone users explodes, the race to grab the mobile games market is picking up pace.

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