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A close up look at the 'best iPhones yet'

[2015-10-14 20:35]

Being an iOS user for years, "the good" and "the bad" words swarmed into my head after using and testing the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for two weeks.

Videographic: China's virtual reality market at a glance

[2015-08-25 08:03]

Virtual reality, or VR, also known as computer-simulated life, first appeared in science fiction in the 1950s, and was developed for medical use, pilot simulation and military training in the 90s.

A close look at Sony's game console PlayStation 4

[2015-07-01 13:13]

We at China Daily have received a review device of the Chinese version of PS4 from Sony Corp. As one of the selected media outlets to spend time with this game console, we present an exclusive hands-on review of this device.

Chinese smartphone price war imminent in H2: analyst

[2015-05-08 06:54]

The domestic smartphone industry in China will witness a more competitive market as more upgrade their devices and rivals anticipate ruthless.

Exclusive: An up close look at President Xi's gift phone

[2015-04-29 15:03]

The Chinese mainland version of the phone is priced at 4,888 yuan ($799), said Jenny Zhao, Marketing Communications Manager China of Yota Devices.

Sony employees demand better severance

[2014-11-05 11:14]

Sony Corp is projected to report a $2.1 billion loss in the fiscal year 2014, with its Sony Mobile unit cutting more than 700 jobs in Beijing as part of restructuring.

How video streaming is replacing TV

[2014-11-03 17:49]

Viewing habits of video audiences have gone through such a revolution due to technology that they now challenge traditional TV.

Time for all Apple products to enter China

[2014-10-25 08:37]

Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said he hopes to adapt all of Apple's developments to work for the Chinese market.

Web users urged to re-use old passwords

[2014-08-09 07:31]

The conventional wisdom that web users should always use strong passwords that are never repeated has been challenged in a new report.

Nation becoming top mobile phone market

[2014-05-30 06:59]

China will become the world's largest mobile phone market by revenue for the first time by year end, overtaking the United States.

China to overtake US in mobile phone revenue

[2014-05-29 15:45]

China is set to become the world's largest mobile phone market in terms of revenue for the first time by year end, overtaking the Unites States.

Tighter taxi app rules hailed

[2014-05-29 07:42]

The government's plan to require stricter qualification checks on cabbies seeking a taxi-hailing terminal app would greatly reduce the number of unlicensed taxis in the country, experts said.

Foreign tech firms pose threat on Internet

[2014-06-04 03:49]

Security analysts say foreign technology services providers such as Google and Apple can become cybersecurity threats to Chinese users as the US asked them to spy on customers.

E-commerce potential still robust in most Chinese cities

[2014-06-05 06:51]

Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou are the top three e-commerce cities in China, according to a report by AliResearch, a research organization affiliated with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Mobile health era coming, challenges ahead

[2014-06-04 15:28]

There will be many "mobile" solutions for meeting increasing need for health care and cutting medical care costs, but obstables are on the way.

Quality rising amid vastness of Internet content

[2014-06-02 07:14]

Though there's still a long way to go for mature Internet productions, many believe that they have the potential to outstrip TV creations.

Online goes out of the box

[2014-06-02 07:14]

What Chinese video websites have achieved in the past few years is revolutionary. By licensing eye-opening overseas content and offering full coverage of domestic entertainment.

Air travelers can expect better mobile services

[2014-06-02 07:14]

Mobile devices have become part of people's daily life nowadays and many passengers bring their devices aboard, but without in-flight WiFi service, they only can play Angry Birds game during the boring flight period. That will change on the flights of Air China Ltd.

Cross-border e-commerce hits fast lane

[2014-05-30 13:45]

China's cross-border e-commerce sector has entered the fast lane as companies explore new growth areas and the government adjusts regulation.

Xunlei's team-up with Xiaomi a shrewd strategy

[2014-06-10 07:26]

Xunlei offering digital content acceleration and online video services in China, recently filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering.

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