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Info overload, fraud tarnish popular chat app

[2014-05-08 03:53]

WeChat, a popular instant messaging service in China, risks losing its luster as users complain about being bombarded by deceptive ads and excessive information.

Samsung launches full-scale chip production in China plant

[2014-05-09 16:25]

Samsung Electronics, the world's biggest memory chip maker, said Friday that it started its full- scale production in its China plant.

3D-printed houses built in Shanghai

[2014-04-14 15:34]

Ten houses have been built of construction waste using a 3D printing technology in 24 hours in Shanghai.

ZTE, Huawei hope to ring up sales in Europe

[2014-04-08 07:24]

Chinese telecom equipment vendors have expressed optimism about the future development in the European market, with company officials saying they plan to invest more in the region.

iPhone 6 screens to enter production as early as May

[2014-04-01 14:46]

Apple Inc suppliers will begin mass producing displays as early as May for the next iPhone, expected to be launched this autumn.

Huawei books quickest profit growth in four years

[2014-03-31 13:35]

In 2013, net profit rose 34.4% to $3.38 billion, China's Huawei Technologies Ltd, the world's No 2 telecommunications equipment maker, said in a statement.

ZTE reports swing to profit in 2013

[2014-03-27 16:22]

Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp reported a net profit increase of 149 percent year-on-year in 2013, after a steep loss the previous year.

Wandoujia receives funding from Goldman Sachs

[2014-03-24 17:38]

Wandoujia, also known as SnapPea, announced on Monday that it has received additional funding from Goldman Sachs Group Inc for Series B financing.

Tencent to buy 15% of Leju

[2014-03-24 15:34]

Tencent Holdings Ltd has agreed to buy a 15 percent stake in online real estate services provider Leju Holdings Ltd for $180 million.

Alibaba investing in US messaging startup Tango

[2014-03-21 10:51]

After a series of buying up and investment in its home market, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, a Chinese e-commerce conglomerate.

Leader of Twitter on 'personal' China visit

[2014-03-18 07:34]

Twitter Inc took its first steps into China on Monday, with the company's chief executive officer starting a three-day visit to the world's second largest economy.

JD teaming up with convenience stores

[2014-03-18 07:34] Inc teamed up with more than 10,000 convenience stores from 15 cities across the country to try to leverage its online experience in the offline world.

Small gadgets cause recycling headache for China

[2014-03-19 16:48]

China put the highest volume of electrical and electronic equipment on the market in 2012 with 11.1 million tons, followed by the United States at 10 million tons.

Twitter CEO makes first China visit

[2014-03-17 19:40]

As Dick Costolo, chief executive officer of Twitter, starts his visit in Shanghai, the company denies he is here to discuss entering the country's market.

Mobile Internet keeps Tibet in touch

[2014-03-15 09:32]

Tibet, on the "roof of the world," is coming closer to the outside world through the Internet and smart mobile devices.

Call to protect users from online theft

[2014-03-11 15:33]

As much as we hail the benefits of a 3G/4G era of mobile-phone Internet in China, evidence of personal information becoming public is piling up, raising serious questions over privacy and security.

WeChat vs Alibaba: Battle of the brands

[2014-03-11 08:57]

Tencent's announcement that it will open up its WeChat brand to business vendors and allow online payment for products and services will intensify the battle with archrival Alibaba.

Alliance of Tencent, JD could be a giant slayer

[2014-03-11 08:57]

Tencent Holdings Ltd is buying a stake in the country's second-largest online retailer in order to boost its competitive advantage in mobile Internet against its rival Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Investment turns ideas into reality

[2014-03-10 07:09]

People who have used crowdfunding to turn ideas into tangible projects say they were surprised by the response of total strangers from around the world.

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