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Austrian fashion houses dazzle Beijing

[2014-04-17 09:49]

Some of the biggest fashion brands from Austria and 300 fashion-lovers attended "Austrian Fashion Networking" event in Beijing.

Mogujie aims for fashionable tone

[2014-04-07 07:40]

The dominant question Yue Xuqiang is asked since he co-founded Mogujie, a social shopping service dedicated to the fashion conscious.

Cosplay in ancient street of Suzhou

[2014-03-21 09:42]

On March 15, 2014, cartoon fans hold a "flower fairy" themed cosplay in Shantang Ancient Street in Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu province. Their colorful costumes and showy makeup attracted many citizens and tourists. The cosplay also echoed the local festival of flowers.

Chinese luxury shoppers flocking online: survey

[2014-02-26 11:30]

Online and mobile shopping for luxury goods has exploded in China thanks to the fast-growing penetration of smartphones.

French touch in Stella Luna shoes

[2014-02-10 07:22]

Young French fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello used to be only associated with chic garments, but recently, he produced some footwear for the first time, and he created them for a Chinese shoe brand.

Fun on the farm

[2014-01-07 09:26]

How to make cute funny cakes step by step.

LV boutique reborn in Beijing

[2013-12-16 07:47]

If you enter Louis Vuitton's new boutique in the Peninsula Hotel Beijing, the first thing that pops into sight is a shelf where various kinds of bags are place.

How to decorate a Christmas cake

[2013-12-09 10:43]

Once you've made your Christmas cake, it's time for the fun bit. We show you step-by-step how to decorate a Christmas cake.

London seen as center of China-influenced fashion

[2013-11-18 07:40]

The oriental look is not everyone's cup of tea. It is on that sentiment that at least one Chinese garment maker is trying to build its fortunes in Europe.

They don't make things like they used to

[2013-11-11 00:35]

An innovative new retail concept is taking vintage luxury items and repurposing them for modern use. Kitty Go reports from what may be the world's chicest recycling boutique in Hong Kong.

Int'l Metal Art Exhibition held in Beijing

[2013-11-05 10:18]

Visitors enjoy metal artwork displayed during the third International Metal Art Exhibition at China Centennial Altar, in Beijing, capital of China, Nov 4, 2013.

The suave style of America's dapper dynasty has arrived

[2013-10-27 23:45]

US menswear giant Brooks Brothers brings fashions inspired by The Great Gatsby to China, Gan Tian reports.

Ticking off sales in timely work

[2013-10-24 07:34]

Since 2010, China has topped Omega's global markets with the biggest sales volume in the country.

The game's afoot

[2013-10-14 06:33]

London shoe designer says reliability is key to competing in luxury markets from Europe to Asia, Kitty Go reports in Hong Kong.

Data visualization for a better life

[2013-10-02 18:56]

The exhibition shows how information design influences and involves people, society and cities on different levels.

Smart City 2013 kicks off during Beijing Design Week

[2013-09-30 17:16]

Smart City 2013 leads a critical discussion on the global and local smart city movement.

Trendy International Group, 10 Corso Como make a perfect fit

[2013-09-22 07:54]

On Sept 13, Trendy International Group has expanded its fashion footprint with the inaugural launch of 10 Corso Como, a name synonymous with the most cutting edge design, art, fashion and cuisine, in Shanghai.

Fashion's blind spot

[2013-09-22 07:55]

Five years ago, the fashion industry faced a reckoning over the startling lack of diversity among the models on major designer runways.

Insight into quality and carat of diamond

[2013-09-09 07:00]

You don't have to be a diamond expert, but a little knowledge goes a long way to ensuring you get a good stone for your money.

Diamonds are this nation's best friend

[2013-09-09 06:59]

China is the leading importer of polished diamonds from Antwerp. In 2012, 31.3 percent of Antwerp's polished diamonds headed to China.
Insight into quality and carat of diamond

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