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Video: China's O2O market at a glance

[2015-01-30 09:03]

Apart from the fierce battle between the Internet behemoths, Chinese start-ups and self-employed firms are hungry for grabbing a piece of the O2O market.

Video: Machine takes to WEF Tianjin Summer Davos

[2014-09-13 10:40]

Scott Hassan, President and CEO of US-based Suitable Technologies Inc, has attended sessions by using his smart presence device named "Beam"

How to bring down the 4G price

[2014-03-10 11:00]

Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology emphasized that competition among the telecom operators is the key to bring down the high 4G price in China.

Beijing skiing hits peak in profits

[2014-03-07 18:57]

Snow sports are hot in the hills around the capital, and resorts and gear makers are swooping in to blaze new trails in this emerging market.

Videographic: the battle of the taxi apps

[2014-02-17 09:17]

Last year in China, the use of mobile phone applications to book taxis went into overdrive to meet the demands of customers.

NDRC investigates Qualcomm on anti-trust grounds

[2014-02-10 14:05]

The investigation started last year and the NDRC is holding talks with the US company. Violation could mean a record fine exceeding $1 billion.

3G versus 4G

[2014-01-17 10:07]

3G versus 4G

Smart tech shown at CES helps consumers manage busy lives

[2014-01-10 18:21]

The 2014 CES brings together some of the biggest players in the industry to showcase what they have in store for the future. Smart technology is emerging as a major theme at the conference.

Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show to kick off

[2014-01-08 09:44]

The Consumer Electronics Show will kick off in the casino city of Las Vegas on Tuesday. The annual event hopes to be a launch pad for new must-have devices, as spending on gadgets has flattened in a world obsessed with smartphones and tablets.

Nano satellite helps students train for space science

[2013-12-16 15:55]

In South Africa,young engineers are being encouraged to push the boundaries of space science through nano satellite technology.

4G set for China debut

[2013-12-09 14:53]

4G set for China debut

Designer: moon rover uses cutting-edge technology

[2013-11-29 10:41]

China's first lunar rover, named the "Jade Rabbit", is the country's most advanced robot with complete automatic navigation and operation. IPO debuts in US

[2013-11-23 05:23]

China's online sports lottery service provider starts trading at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday in New York.

IDC draws China's IT landscape by 2020

[2013-11-20 13:22]

Kitty Fok, managing director of IDC China, talks about the landscape of the information and communications technology (ICT) market in the country by 2020.

China Mobile blames Wechat for falling profits

[2013-11-05 14:33]

China's biggest mobile telecoms provider China Mobile is blaming instant-messaging apps such as Wechat for a sharp drop in its profits.

China mobile's declining profits

[2013-11-05 13:48]

Even though China Mobile blames the decline in its profits on the popularity of instant messaging apps, its competitors saw a sharp rise of profits.

NQ Mobile sues Muddy Waters

[2013-11-05 14:17]

NQ Mobile has filed charges against Muddy Waters Research in China, following allegations by Muddy Waters that its 2012 earnings are not accurate.

Apple admits iPhone 5S has battery problem

[2013-11-01 10:44]

Apple admits that there is something wrong with batteries of "a very limited number" of its iphpne 5S smartphones.

Apple reveals new operating system, iPads

[2013-10-23 10:23]

Apple has said that its latest computer operating system, Mavericks, is available free of charge.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 out Friday

[2013-10-18 15:21]

Microsoft launched the Windows 8.1 operating system out Friday.

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