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Chinese to get train tickets via smartphones

[2012-09-12 18:00]

China plans to launch a new service that will allow the public to purchase tickets via smartphones by the end of the month.

Price of some high-speed train tickets to be cut

[2012-05-09 10:02]

Passengers will soon enjoy discounts when buying business class tickets and premium seats on high-speed trains operating on two lines in East China.

Online rail ticket site 'hacked'

[2012-01-30 09:49]

The difficulty of securing a train ticket online during the Spring Festival has prompted hackers to write computer programs that break into booking sites.

Micro blogs keep travelers informed

[2012-01-11 07:43]

Railway agencies across the country are posting up-to-date information on their micro blogs to provide better service to passengers going home in the Spring Festival peak travel season.

For migrants, no Web, no train ticket

[2012-01-06 08:03]

Migrant workers complain that without Internet access, they have had more problems than ever buying train tickets since railway authorities launched the online ticket booking system.

Railway authority pledges easier ticket purchasing

[2011-09-30 11:08]

China's Ministry of Railways announced on Sept 29 a series of improvement measures, including facilitating train ticket purchasing and offering better food on trains, months after a deadly rail accident tarnished the ministry's image.

China sets trial prices for Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail

[2011-06-13 11:11]

China's railway ministry announced Monday trial prices for the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, which are set according to two different speeds.

China issues real-name high-speed rail tickets

[2011-05-26 10:40]

China's Ministry of Railways (MOR) said on Wednesday that Chinese rail ticket offices have started selling high-speed train tickets according to the passenger's name.

Faster but costly, high-speed train sparks controversy

[2011-01-18 15:50]

This year, due to the operation of high-speed trains, the number of ordinary trains in service was reduced and cheaper tickets for traveling in these ordinary trains were hard to get. 

Chinese police detain 1,067 train ticket scalpers

[2011-01-14 13:20]

Chinese railway police have arrested 1,067 people for scalping train tickets in a crackdown some three weeks before the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year, the public security bureau of the Ministry of Railways said Thursday.

Police detain 6,000 train ticket scalpers ahead of festival

[2010-02-12 10:50]

Chinese police have arrested more than 5,700 people for scalping train tickets ahead of the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year, the Ministry of Public Security said Thursday.

Mystery of train tickets

[2010-02-04 13:50]

Nothing can be weirder than a train with just 0.8 percent of its seats occupied on Saturday last week, the first day of the busy home-bound rush before the traditional Spring Festival on Feb 14.

Bull fighting

[2010-02-01 07:46]

Confident scalpers laugh off predictions that the new train ticketing system will wipe out 'yellow bulls'. Being a huang niu - or yellow bull - is a lucrative career in China...

Money flying as desperate dash home begins

[2010-01-22 07:48]

With only three weeks left before more than half of the country's workforce and students stretch the nation's transportation system to its limits during Spring Festival, Beijing's ticket scalpers are working at a frantic pace.

Riding on China's grand festival together

[2010-01-15 07:52]

Spring Festival, the biggest celebration in the Chinese calendar, is less than a month away.

Rail upgrade a step up

[2010-01-13 07:58]

It's anyone's guess whether the introduction of an ID-based booking system can reduce the difficulties of buying a homebound train ticket during the transit peak season of the coming festival.

China launches crackdown on online railway ticket touts

[2009-08-27 13:30]

Police Wednesday launched a crackdown on train ticket scalping on the Internet, as tens of thousands of students prepare to return to school for the fall semester beginning in September.

Take tickets out of reach of scalpers

[2008-01-23 13:15]

As the authorities announced last week the earlier-than-usual commencement of the chunyun (the mass transport of passengers during the Spring Festival holiday season), scalpers intensified their efforts to speculate on the train tickets.

Bullet train gets off to slow start

[2007-04-23 15:25]

Tickets for the country's new bullet train services went on sale at the weekend, but there was nothing high-speed about the public's response.

High ticket prices put brakes on bullet trains

[2007-04-23 14:20]

The arrival of China's bullet trains has been accompanied by much fanfare.

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