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Bright market prospect for China's service robotics

[2015-11-25 10:22]

Chinese researchers have already mastered technology for the whole industrial chain of service robotics.

Major carriers turn to Internet innovation

[2015-11-25 07:45]

Telecom's Shanghai center is starting to produce online businesses while its rivals roll out new plans to boost shrinking revenue.

Robotics industry issues first standards

[2015-11-25 07:12]

The China Association for Science and Technology published four standards for industrial robots, the first for China's robotics industry.

Robots ready to offer helping hand at home

[2015-11-24 08:12]

Robots are becoming an everyday part of life for many, and not just for those working in high-tech factories or on automated production lines.

Becoming part of life, like smartphones

[2015-11-24 08:12]

From a popular star in the industrial world, the robot is all set to become part and parcel of everyday life, like the smartphone has.

Full text: Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao's opening remarks at the World Robot Conference 2015

[2015-11-24 08:03]

Win-win Collaborative Innovation toward the Building of an Intelligent Society Opening remarks at the World Robot Conference 2015 November 23, 2015 By LI Yuanchao

China seeks robot technology assistance worldwide

[2015-11-24 07:15]

International cooperation will help foreign firms tap into China's huge market, which plans to use 800,000 robots in the country's factories by 2020.

Conference opens in Beijing as China embraces robotics revolution

[2015-11-23 17:26]

They can help with the housework and even kick around a football, but robots aren't coming for your jobs just yet.

Top 10 industrial robotic companies in the world

[2015-11-19 06:53]

Industrial robots are a major part of the robotics industry and are often used in industrial processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art robotics technology, industrial robots are used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, electronic, mechanical and chemical industries, among others.

Vanke to use robots in concierge services

[2015-11-19 07:36]

China Vanke, the country's largest property developer by market value, is recruiting robots to sweep floors and guard its properties to address a labor shortage and rising wage bills.

Liangjiang to join World Robot Conference 2015

[2015-11-17 17:33]

Liangjiang will take part in the World Robot Conference 2015 in Beijing.

A Chinese breakthrough in robotics innovation

[2015-11-14 00:07]

One of China’s leading machinery developers Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool (Group) recently announced at the 2015 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai that they had successfully developed a robotic gear reducer that can achieve various levels of precision. This is the first time a domestic company has created such a piece of robotic equipment.

China’s robotic revolution

[2015-11-14 00:07]

The annual China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai is fast becoming a platform for both domestic and international brands to showcase their latest technological innovations.

Made in China

[2015-11-20 15:00]

CEO Roundtable

[2015-11-06 17:51]

Robot wars heat up as foreign companies enter

[2015-05-11 11:16]

There will be fierce competition this year in the Chinese robotics market between foreign and domestic manufacturers, according to industry insiders.

One Belt, One Road

[2015-03-24 16:37]

Rise of the robots

[2014-11-10 09:21]

Though rising wage costs and growing competition have fueled an explosive growth in China's use of industrial robots, it has been a season of disappointment for domestic firms as they continue to lag overseas manufacturers in the innovation race.

Over 30 robot factories under construction in China

[2014-10-27 14:26]

China is now the world's largest industrial robot market with over 30 robot factories under construction, authorities said.

Top 10 amazing robots in the world

[2014-05-21 07:24]

Robots, once considered a luxury for many countries, have been increasingly penetrating fields as diverse as outer space exploration and ordinary daily services. According to a report released by HIS, an international information company, about 52,000 industrial robots are expected to be sold by 2017, generating a market value of $1.3 billion.