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Megan Fox banned from husband's show

Agencies | Updated: 2012-03-09 15:17

Megan Fox banned from husband's show

Megan Fox gets in trouble with her husband for trying to watch his old TV show.

The 'Transformers' actress had never seen an episode of Brian Austin Green's 'Beverly Hills 90210' when they first met and although she has since attempted to sneakily watch him on the small screen , he is not impressed.

Brian - who married Megan in Hawaii in June 2010 - told Vulture magazine: "She tries to sneak them on SOAPnet. And then she gets in trouble for it. We have a rule: We don't watch each other's stuff."

Although the show was hugely popular in the 1990s with over 300 episodes, Brian insists he doesn't remember any specific storylines and didn't even keep any memorabilia as a souvenir.

He said: "Honestly, it's one big blur. We did 300. I remember guest stars more than story lines.

"I actually didn't keep anything. The only thing I have is a picture that we took with [creator] Aaron Spelling when we won the People's Choice Award. He got the award; we got a picture with the award. It's kind of f****d up. But I guess he's the one that won it."

While Brian has no plans to reprise his role as David Silver, he says he is still close to his former co-stars and talks to them all the time.

He explained: "I keep in touch with everybody from the cast. I talked to Luke Perry before I came out here; I talked to Jennie Garth before I came out here. I'll be seeing Luke in a couple of weeks. I see Ian Ziering all the time."