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Lady Gaga compares jet lag to hallucinogen

Agencies | Updated: 2012-04-24 10:17
Lady Gaga compares jet lag to hallucinogen 

Lady Gaga thinks jet lag is like "bad shrooms".

The 'Born this Way' hitmaker - who flew to Korea on Thursday (19.04.12) to perform in Seoul later this week - admits she has struggled to adapt her sleeping pattern and the change in time zones, comparing her feelings to a bad experience with hallucinogenic 'magic' mushrooms.

She tweeted: "Jet lag last night was like bad shrooms. When my dad asked what that meant I told him its like being in a musical you don't want to be in."

Meanwhile, although Gaga's 'Born this Way Ball' hasn't begun yet, she has tweeted a glimpse of the unusual merchandise her fans will be able to get their hands on at the shows - a special tin of band-aids.

Alongside an image of the blue tin labelled 'Lady Gaga's meat bandages' and emblazoned with a cartoon of the singer in her infamous meat dress, she wrote: "monsters want to see one merch item from the Tour? Its 1 of the small cute ones, but I'm up late+there's no one around to stop me :) #teehee

"Just in case you fall and scrape your monster knee! I'll be there :) l love you, you bandage me up when I need it! Xox (sic)"