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Coldplay lights gig gimmick getting expensive

Agencies | Updated: 2012-05-25 16:54

Coldplay lights gig gimmick getting expensive

Coldplay's wristbands cut into their profit[Photo/Agencies]

Coldplay are worried they will go broke because they are spending so much money on wristbands.

The band is using the technology to light up venues they play on tour but with around 40,000 handed out to date, the stunt has become too expensive.

Frontman Chris Martin complained they could be sued if asked for the luminous pieces to be returned at the end of each concert.

He told The Sun: "Most of the money we're earning on the tour is put into the wristbands."

"We have to figure out how to keep it going without going broke because it's a crucial part of the concert."

The group launched the gimmick at their Madrid show in October but it's cutting further into their profits.

Chris continued: "You have to clean everything in case someone picks up herpes or TB. Our lawyers told us we'd get sued, and having been sued a few times we're not keen on that."

"It's a little self-indulgent but we love the way it looks when there are 15,000 or 40,000 or however many people with all those lights on them. The technology is still very experimental."

Chris also revealed he is OK with fans recording the gigs on their phones but he can't accept his audience texting.

He said: "The only thing I fear is texting. If they are texting they are not enjoying the music."