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Musical wizard brings his love potion to China

By Chen Nan | China Daily | Updated: 2012-06-08 10:18
Musical wizard brings his love potion to China

American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz will bring his love songs to China. Provided to China Daily

Love is all around Jason Mraz.

His left arm has a tattoo of a man and a woman. Mraz says the man represents him, with his height and age written vertically, and he will fill in the woman's stats when he finds the special one.

On his right forearm is a "Be Love" tattoo, featuring a circle with a triangle inside, which symbolizes being whole in mind, body and soul.

The American singer-songwriter, who is also a Grammy winner, will bring his love tunes to China as part of his tour, Tour is a Four Letter Word.

After rocketing to international fame with his pop track I'm Yours in 2008, the singer strapped on his cowboy look and added a country flair for his fourth album, Love is a Four Letter Word.

His album cover has a primary color artwork, which features rectangles, circles, triangles and squares placed alongside one another to form the word "love".

Mraz says his latest album is about love and how love is a choice for everyone. Every song he wrote since 2009 came out of love, which he sums up in one of his new tracks, Everything is Sound, where he begins with the line, "When there is love, I can't wait to talk about it."

"I really wanted to make an album about love. That was my starting point," he says. "So, I really set out to make a love-based album about the fact that love is a choice. It's a choice that we make to see it or not, to have it or not, and I'm obviously not a master of it in anyway but I really wanted to learn more about it."

Indeed, love and relationships have been a huge influence in his music.

"It could be because my parents divorced when I was 4 or that I had my heart broken when I was in sixth grade. Throughout my 20s and young life, I've been curious to see who I would fall in love with and where that would take me. And, also, my love of music has catapulted me through life," he once said.

His break-up with his fiancee Tristan Prettyman in the summer of 2011 also contributed to the album.

His Chinese fans call Mraz a "wizard". "I experienced so much love and support from my Asian fans even from the earlier stages of my career, which makes me want to come back again and again," he says.

"There is definitely something special about Asian audiences, and as a performer you can't ask more from these kind of passionate fans It's always a pleasure going back to those places where the audiences truly enjoy and appreciate your music."

Musical wizard brings his love potion to China