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Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Heung dies of cancer

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2014-11-21 11:20

Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Heung dies of cancer

Hong Kong media producer Jimmy Heung. [Photo/Agencies]

Hong Kong producer Jimmy Heung, who introduced countless stars to Chinese showbiz, including Steven Chow, died in Beijing of esophageal cancer on Nov 20, reports Hong Kong media. He was 64.

Heung"s wife, Duanmu Yingzi, confirmed the news yesterday.

"I was prepared, and I accept it. Ever since he was diagnosed, he's said to me 'I am leaving a step ahead of you. I have no regrets so it's not a big deal, but my only worry is that no one will be there to take care of you,'" she said.

"I told him not to worry and that I would take good care of myself. He has gone to a place with no more pain, and I accept that."

Heung complained of discomfort in his throat in early May and was diagnosed with late stage esophageal cancer shortly afterwards. He refused chemotherapy and sought a cure in other ways. Despite his efforts, his condition worsened in early September and Heung was hospitalized in Beijing, reportedly in a coma.

Alongside his brother, renowned film producer Charles Heung, Jimmy Heung was often hailed as one of Hong Kong's most successful minds in showbiz.

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