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Interview: CPC crucial for China's development, says Cuban academician

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-10-01 09:55

HAVANA - The Communist Party of China (CPC) has played an essential role in the changes the country has experienced, a Cuban academician told Xinhua in a recent interview.

"Nothing could be sustained and no growth or development could be realized in China if it had not established a mechanism of governance and order under the leadership of the CPC," said Maria Teresa Montes de Oca, director of the Institute of Chinese Studies at the University of Havana.

China's achievements over the past five years "are innumerable and unquestionable," she said.

Specifically, she emphasized, the quality of life of the Chinese people has been increasing day by day and their educational level has been growing year after year.

"In the technological sector, China has made great strides. Although the West wanted to stigmatize China, it has emerged and demonstrated to the world that it can be relied on for economic and technological development," she said.

She also lauded the food production capacity of the Asian nation, which is able to feed such a large population.

In addition, she said it is now impossible to ignore China because it has been playing an increasingly significant role in global affairs.

Over the past five years, "the new leaders led by President Xi Jinping have played a role that China's own history has demanded of them," commented the scholar.

"The place of the CPC's leadership in governance and internal order is fundamental," she said.

The Cuban academician said she believes that the upcoming 19th National Congress of the CPC will address important issues for the future of China and its development.

"After each CPC congress, its proposals and projects were put into practice and much more has been done," she said.

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