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China warns of intensifying DPRK crisis
Updated: 2006-07-13 19:24

China on Thursday called on all parties to positively contribute to a resolution of the tensions caused by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) missile tests, rather than intensify the crisis.

"China supports a prudent and proper reaction from the UN Security Council in a bid to prevent the escalation of tensions and create conditions to resolve the issue through diplomatic efforts," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu said.

China and Russia introduced a draft UN Security Council resolution Wednesday, calling for the early resumption of the six-party talks on Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Unlike the Japanese draft, the joint Chinese-Russian proposal does not make sanctions mandatory and does not invoke Chapter Seven of the UN charter, which can authorize sanctions or even military action.

Jiang said the draft showed the two permanent members taking steps to ease the tension.

China always held that UN action should be conducive to maintaining the peace and stability of the northeast Asia, promote the resumption of the six-party talks and enhance solidarity in the Security Council, she said.

"We are opposed to the Japanese draft which cannot help to realize these goals," she said.

Japan formally presented a draft resolution on Friday, seeking sanctions against the DPRK.

Jiang said China had been making positive efforts to ease tensions. Vice Premier Hui Liangyu was heading a delegation on an official goodwill visit to the DPRK.

Wu Dawei, vice foreign minister and China's chief negotiator to the six-party talks, was accompanying Hui on the visit. He met with his DPRK counterpart Kim Kye-Gwan and other officials, and they exchanged views on the situation, she said.

"We believe that one or two visits are not enough and the efforts of China alone are not enough. All parties concerned should make efforts," Jiang said.