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Chinese police launches anti-piracy campaign
Updated: 2006-07-22 16:59

The Ministry of Public Security has launched an anti-piracy campaign throughout the country, to crack down on illegal reproduction of copyrighted materials.

The campaign, to last from late July till the end of October, is targeted at bringing organizers and chief culprits of such illegal activities to justice.

The Ministry on Thursday issued a notice to police organs all over the country, asking them to further investigate and uncover illegal DVD production lines and arrest heads of gangs engaged in illegal reproduction of DVDs and books.

Police will intensify patrol and examination at railway stations, bus stops, harbors and airports searching for clues on pirated materials production, transportation and sales.

Police will strengthen management of rented houses and apartments to prevent them from being used for producing or storing pirated DVDs or books.

Chinese law provides that a peddler will be sentenced to three to seven years behind bars, if he/she has sold 5,000 or more pirated DVDs.

China's Ministry of Public Security on July 19 issued nationwide arrest warrants for two people wanted in connection with marketing of pirated DVDs and promised an award of 10,000 yuan for any informant who leads to their arrests.