Wen: Governance reform an urgency
(China Daily)
Updated: 2006-09-05 06:22

Premier Wen Jiabao highlighted the importance and urgency of government reform yesterday, and called for sustained and sincere efforts to build governance based on law, focused on service and marked by efficiency.

He made the remarks during a keynote speech at a national teleconference on accelerating government reform.

Premier Wen Jiabao (C) speaks at a national teleconference on accelerating government reform in Beijing September 4, 2006. Vice premiers Huang Ju (R) and Wu Yi were also present at the conference. [Xinhua]

Wen called for increased innovation in government management to better implement a scientific concept of development.

He pointed out that the current administrative management system lags far behind the country's economic development, causing many deep-rooted problems in the economic sector.

"Only through self-improvement and innovation in management can governments meet the need of developing a market economy and building a harmonious society," he said.

To achieve the goal, efforts must be made to prevent governments from intervening in the running of enterprises, so that the latter can independently make decisions on production, operation and investment.

Governments must be prohibited from attracting investment or business opportunities on behalf of the enterprises. Instead, they should focus on serving the enterprises and improving the market order, the premier said.

Also, the governments should simplify its approval system to give more freedom to enterprises.

Government officials at all levels, and leading officials in particular, should carefully study the newly-published selected works of former leader Jiang Zemin, implement his thought of "Three Represents" on the advanced nature of the Party, and recognize the importance and urgency of the governments' own reform, he said.

He also asked the governments to strengthen supervision, especially on such sectors as employment, education, public health, and environment protection that are closely related to the interests of the public.

The governments should further regularize their powers, strengthen the campaign against corruption and provide good governance which will prevent the misuse of power and increase credibility, Wen noted.

"Our powers are given by the people and we must serve the people heart and soul," he said.

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