Single mother sparks moral debate

Updated: 2006-10-15 10:01

Criticized by some as a harlot but canonized by others as a charming expecting mother, a Chinese blogger is stirring a lot of on-line debate because she's not married.

"Ground Melon Pig", as she calls herself, has decided to become a single mother after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her blog, titled "Words to my Baby", is filled with cute little poems to her unborn child whom she calls 'Piggy'.

Photo of "Ground Melon Pig" published in her blog. [file]
Reaction to her writings has been varied and abundant. Since she started writing in August, 600,000 viewers of her blog have left postings. The postings show many people still have hard-held moral beliefs about single parenthood while others are embracing more liberal attitudes.

The massive number of postings, most of which offer well-intended advise and opinion, indicates China's growing tolerance of diverse opinions.

"Ground Melon Pig", a young reporter at a newspaper in Beijing, defends her choice to go through with her pregnancy. "It's not impulsive. I know I'll face many difficulties in the future, but I believe they can be solved if I have faith." she writes.

Some postings are from other single mothers who confide their feelings, and praise and support "Ground Melon Pig" for her courage. 

"Love yourself and love your 'piggy', that's enough. It's your own business, you're not hurting anyone. Be happy and have the courage to do what you want." says a writing use the name Caoming.

Doubters of "Ground Melon Pig's" choice are concerned the mother-to-be could be making a big mistake that will hurt her future. "You will have a very hard later life." said another writing under the name Linva.

"Your baby's life will be incomplete without a father and your parents will definitely face great pressure from the public" write "Kerenkexin".

"Ground Melon Pig" is not alone. Many single mothers have set up websites and internet forums to share their feelings.

"As long as you are financially and spiritually secure, being a single mother is nothing special. Society is becoming more tolerant." said a netizen called "Blue rain" on "Single Mother Forum".

Chinese marriage laws don't prevent unmarried women from having babies.

The Population and Family Planning Law stipulates children of unmarried women have the same rights and enjoy the same treatment as offspring of married women, said Wu Changzhen, a professor with the China University of Political Science and Law.

"People should respect unmarried women's right to have babies."said Xia Xueluan, a sociology professor with Beijing University.

"Economic and social burdens might force some single mothers to give up their children." said Xia.