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The New Socialist Countryside

Updated: 2010-10-20 18:04
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The New Socialist Countryside

The New Socialist Countryside

The New Socialist Countryside TEXT IN FOCUS

Bumper Harvest
The New Socialist Countryside

Over 500m Tons for 6th Year in Row

Chinese farmers have begun to reap crops as autumn drew to a close, and the nation is expecting a good harvest this year. The country's grain output reached 530.8 million tonnes in 2009, the sixth consecutive year of growth in grain yield. >>>

550b kg Grain Outputs in 2020

China rolled out a productivity program for 50 billion kg grain output growth in the next 10 years, which is expected to reach 550 billion kilograms by 2020, said the National Development and Reform Commission. >>>

China Pays A Premium for Wheat

The government will pay a minimum for wheat. The move aims to encourage more wheat growth so as to stabilize the domestic market in the face of a fluctuating global environment and to ease to inflation expectations. >>>

Secure Farmland for Grain Security

The land consolidation campaign aimed at expanding farmland in rural areas to ensure national grain security. >>>


The New Socialist Countryside

In the 11th Five-Year Plan, China proposed to build a new socialist countryside according to the requirement of advanced production, improved livelihood, a civilized social atmosphere, clean and tidy villages and democratic administration.
It proposes to stick to developing agricultural productivity as the primary task of building a new socialist countryside. It also proposes to extend agricultural industrial chain to let farmers benefit more from the expansion of agricultural functions and develop farm produce processing, freshness preservation, storage, transportation and other services.

The New Socialist Countryside

The New Socialist Countryside CHANGE IN PHOTOS 

Xiaokang, Well-off Society 
The New Socialist Countryside

Farmers' income can be doubled by 2020

The resolution draws an inspiring blueprint for the vast underdeveloped rural areas under the new situations at home and abroad. The document says per capita net income of the country's rural population would be doubled and absolute poverty would be eliminated in rural areas. >>>

Create Jobs in Rural Areas

To build a modern socialist countryside, we must curb the one-way drain of rural talents to cities and equip the countryside with enough talents. If the government can encourage urban entrepreneurs on time to start businesses in the countryside, more jobs will be created in rural areas. >>>

Documents Target Rural Issues

The document highlighted challenges posed by the global downturn to agricultural and rural development. It said "developing modern agriculture is the Chinese government's top priority in building a new socialist countryside, and has proven to be the basic channel through which farmers' incomes can be increased". >>>


The New Socialist Countryside
Apple Harvests

The New Socialist Countryside
Cubic Watermelons

The New Socialist Countryside

 Boquan Village in Hebei

The New Socialist Countryside
Farmer Zhou Hongxi says he can't wait to join 7,846 fellow villagers to move from their ramshackle farmhouses into free modern apartments.
The 48-year-old says he's optimistic about the transformations sweeping the underdeveloped village of Hebei province's Boquan in Wuhan's hinterland, which are being delivered by an ongoing New Socialist Countryside program.
"You can see the new apartments are much better than this house," he says, gesturing toward the scuffed up kitchen of his current home. >>>

Nanjie Village in Henan 

The New Socialist Countryside
"Collective economy is the inevitable path and the basis to solving sannong problems (farmers, villages and agriculture)," says Nanjie's Party chief Wang Hongbin.
Nanjie is home to and provides free housing, healthcare and education to about 3,200 residents and more than 3,000 migrant workers who have been given "honorary resident" status. >>>
The entire village is now involved in running a huge enterprise called Nanjiecun Group Ltd. >>>


The New Socialist Countryside
The Sunshine and Breeze Work

The New Socialist Countryside
Chili Pepper Festival

The New Socialist Countryside
New Homes after Quake

The New Socialist Countryside


Cunguan, the Village Head
The New Socialist Countryside

The popular Chinese expression cunguan (village head) is a potent one. It suggests the integration of a university graduate's future with the mission to develop the new socialist countryside.

President Hu Jintao endorsed this integration after he received a letter from a graduate-turned village head in suburban Beijing. The gesture points to the far-reaching impact of this mission involving thousands of college graduates.

Actually, this integration reflects mutual dependence between rural villages and university graduates who choose to go there.

Village Election
The New Socialist Countryside

China has unleashed new measures to clean up rural elections and deepen democratic procedures at a grassroots level.

A circular, jointly issued by the General Office of the State Council and the General Office of Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, aims to curb the bribery of village voters and officials, with 12 provinces set to go to the polls.

The country has 604,000 village committees, involving more than 2.3 million rural citizens, and are "among the widest forms of socialist democracy in China".



The New Socialist Countryside
Autumn Harvest

The New Socialist Countryside
Wenchuan Rebuilt

The New Socialist Countryside
Bumper Winter Harvest