Job hunting: situation rather tough

By Wang Qingyun (
Updated: 2011-01-12 16:32
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Tan Xianfang is a third-year post-graduate student of English linguistics at Beijing Normal University. Like many of her classmates, she is still looking for a satisfactory offer.

A native of Wuhan, central China's Hubei province, Tan took the national examination in 2008, and came to Beijing Normal University: "I have wanted to be a teacher, so I came here, and to some extent as an escape from the pressure of job hunting."

It didn't turn out as she had expected. "I would like to be a teacher at higher education institutions or high schools." As the employment season began, however, she found one has to gain a doctoral degree to become a college teacher in Beijing, and a post-graduate student may have to do full-time internship for several months before signing contract with a local high school.

There are nearly 40 students in her class, of whom about 13 have found a job, most as teacher in high schools:

"The situation is rather tough. It's hard to find a job that meets our expectations. Many of my fellow students hope for a job in Beijing with a Beijing Hukou. I don't care much if I will have a Beijing Hukou, even so it's not easy to find a job here."

Tan admitted the best the past three years could offer for job hunting is a master's degree, a requisite for most positions she likes. "Sure the post-graduate study has sharpened my teaching skills," but it doesn't seem to help much when there are not enough satisfactory teaching positions to fill up, she said.

Having high course scores and an interest in research, Tan thought about doing a doctoral study. She gave up the alternative though, for as the oldest child, she wants a job to help pay her siblings tuition, besides, "who knows I will find a better job then?"

What is the most important thing for getting a good job? "The abilities you show in the job interview," Tan answered without hesitation, "and if I were a man, I would have much greater chances to win an interview."