Higher diplomas for better jobs

By Zhao Chenyan (
Updated: 2011-01-12 17:15
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At this time of year, there's always a group of people in China who begin study early and knock off late to follow their dream - to pass the graduate school entrance exam which attracts millions of college students.

As one of the group, Zhang, who graduated from the University of International Business & Economics in July 2010, has a similar dream and will take part in the upcoming exam between Jan 15 and Jan 16.

In order to cram for his exam, Zhang packed in his job at the Standard Chartered Bank two months ago.

"I wish to learn more professional financial knowledge and to get better chances to work in some investment banks or security companies in the future," said Zhang.

He believes a high diploma will be a stepping-stone to get an offer from his dream company and he also thinks post-graduate study will give him more time to find the way to realize his dream.

And faced with the prospect of failing, Zhang says he is ready to continue the preparation for the exam and would attend next year.