Graduation is a ticket to Beijing Hukou

By Zhao Chenyan (
Updated: 2011-01-12 17:26
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This Saturday, 1.5 million college students will sit for this year's graduate school entrance exam.

Most are willing to find a good job with a higher diploma, while, there is another group of people in Beijing, who have already worked for years, some even getting married or having babies.

"I want to be a graduate student just because it will be much easier to get a Beijing Hukou (registered permanent residence) for me," said a woman surnamed Liang who works in Beijing but without a Beijing Hukou.

"I had a baby last year, "she said, "Beijing Hukou is a must-have for my baby's future education here and the identity of a graduating student will provide me a good chance to get it."

Liang said that she had given up driving to work since October just because she could study during the time on bus.

Parents in Beijing generally agree that children who have the Beijing Hukou are better placed to study in well-known public schools.

Statistics show that Beijing has a total of 19.7 million residents with about 37 percent having no Beijing Hukou.

Their children's education becomes a very severe problem they must face. Therefore, to be a graduating student seems to be a relatively easy way for them to realize their Hukou dreams and their children's bright future.