Self-improvement through more studying

By Xing Yu (
Updated: 2011-01-12 19:49
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Zhang Xue graduated from the University of International Relations (UIR) with a master's in international politics in 2010 and entered the National Library of China, and this is her first job.

She got her bachelor's degree at Hebei Normal University (HNU) in 2007, and became a master's candidate at UIR in 2008.

In 2007 she took her first postgraduate entrance exam, but she failed that year, so Zhang decided to take the exam again in 2008, and she succeeded.

"I insisted taking the exam again because I wanted to make my view more open, and I thought studying in Beijing would be my chance," Zhang said.

Zhang's relatives hoped that she would get a steady job and steady income in her hometown first, but Zhang insisted taking the exam again. Her parents chose to support her.

After Zhang entered UIR, she did many research projects on international relationship, but that has nothing to do with her work now.

However, Zhang does not regret making great efforts for the exam, and she believes her master's degree is a basis for a good start on her career in a big city such as Beijing.

"Most of my colleagues have master's degrees," Zhang said.

Zhang said that during her four years at HNU, she did not feel so satisfied with her life.

"I was a little passive then, so I did not make much progress. So I wanted to improve myself through the master's program," Zhang said.

"If I did not insist on taking the exam a second time, maybe now I would be full of sorrow and regret," Zhang said with a smile.