Studies helped her will power grow

By Xing Yu (
Updated: 2011-01-12 22:10
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Li Huijuan, who graduated from Xi'an Shiyou (petroleum) University in 2007 and spent one year preparing for the postgraduate entrance exam for China University of Petroleum, Beijing, entered her second petroleum university in 2008, in Beijing.

Li's major was accounting. She entered the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) as an accountant in 2010 and now works at the Ministry of Health temporarily.

Talking about her experience of taking the exam, Li said the experience made her will power stronger.

"And stronger will power helped me a lot during the two years of being a master's candidate and the process of searching for a job," Li said.

She took the exam twice. The first time was in 2007, when she applied at another university, but she failed. She chose to try again and got support from her parents.

"They encouraged me a lot," Li said with smile.

During the two years of being a master's candidate, Li worked as a management assistant in her school, and her main work was managing official business, to help with public affairs for the school.

"That experience was important. It made me feel more at ease about my current work and helps a lot in the process of searching for jobs," Li said.

However, Li did not think that she had improved much in science during the two year of being a postgraduate student.

"Because we only studied for two years, and the time is limited," Li added.

"CAMS mainly hires people with master's and doctorates. So I think the degrees are important when you apply for a steady job in Beijing," Li said.

Li did not feel comfortable imagining what if she gave up three years earlier. "Maybe I would just go back to my hometown, find a steady job and maybe get married early," she said.